Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1601 - She was the real Worriless Nie

Chapter 1601: She was the real Worriless Nie

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“President Bai, to be truthful, I suspect the Worriless Nie in the Nie residence right now is a fake…” the man said with a frown. “The true Worriless Nie is actually in China. Aside from President Bai, there was also another employer who hired us to kill Worriless Nie.”

“Another employer? Who? Worriless Nie has quite a number of enemies,” Ye Wanwan said nonchalantly.

“This… President Bai, I’m truly sorry, but us mercenaries can’t reveal our employers’ information, so I can’t say anything. Otherwise, I could sell a past employer today, and I could sell you, President Bai, tomorrow. I believe President Bai will understand.”

Truthfully, Ye Wanwan could understand the story roughly without the man saying anything more.

“En, I understand. What happened later on?” Ye Wanwan pursued.

“That Worriless Nie seems to have lost her memory… but even so, we weren’t successful in our trip in China because Worriless Nie was rescued by someone else.”

“How do you know you were hunting Worriless Nie?” Ye Wanwan continued to probe.

If Nie Linglong was really the mastermind, why would she be dumb enough to tell mercenaries they were going to China to kill Worriless Nie? Wasn’t she be afraid of this matter being exposed?

If Ye Wanwan was Nie Linglong, she wouldn’t have divulged the target’s identity.

“The employer didn’t tell us to go kill Worriless Nie, but… the employer had their subordinate go with us. When the subordinate saw the target back then, they blurted out the name ‘Worriless Nie’… I was standing rather close to them, so I was the only one who heard them,” the man quietly explained.

Ye Wanwan nodded. This man didn’t look like he was lying.

“What were the results?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“The result was… Worriless Nie was rescued by someone else…” the man truthfully answered.

“Oh? There’s someone in China who could tie your hands? That’s unrealistic, no?” Ye Wanwan snorted.

“It’s a long story. That man had long silver-white hair and terrifying martial arts skills. He also carried a gun…”

Ye Wanwan’s expression abruptly shifted.

A man… silver-white hair… used a gun?!

Isn’t that…?

The events of a certain night surfaced in Ye Wanwan’s mind.

She was driving in China and hit a man with long, silver hair…

The front of the car was dented, but not a hair on the man was harmed.

Later, she was ambushed by an assassination attempt from a group of mysterious people, and it was that man who pulled out a gun and repelled those mysterious assassins…

Yet, this man who participated in the assassination attempt that night was saying their target was Worriless Nie?!

A turbulent storm raged through Ye Wanwan’s mind.

Based on the implicit meaning of this man’s words, she was Worriless Nie.

No matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out her relationship with Worriless Nie.

However, if she was the real Worriless Nie, then everything could be explained.

If she was Worriless Nie, then it was reasonable for those mysterious assassins to try to kill her in China.

Those assassins were connected with Nie Linglong because Nie Linglong sent mercenaries to China after learning about her identity and whereabouts.

What Ye Wanwan didn’t understand was how Nie Linglong learned about her identity and whereabouts.

“Alright, I understand… I’ll investigate the matter clearly first before deciding,” Ye Wanwan aloofly said while looking at the man after trying to calm down as much as she could.

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