Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1600 - Do you want to kill the real one or the fake one?

Chapter 1600: Do you want to kill the real one or the fake one?

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Ye Wanwan video called Big Dipper immediately.

“Sis Feng, why did you suddenly video call me…? How are you doing at Scarlet Flames Academy?” Big Dipper was surprised by the sight of Ye Wanwan.

The man slowly walked behind Ye Wanwan, and his expression changed as soon as he saw Big Dipper on the screen.

“Nothing, just wanted to see you,” Ye Wanwan responded.

“Sis Feng, when are you coming back? Without you at the Fearless Alliance, First Elder and Third Elder are arguing nonstop every day!” Big Dipper asked with irritation.

“I’ll be back soon. See you later then.” Ye Wanwan hung up the video call.

After Ye Wanwan disconnected the call, she turned to the man. “So will you accept the mission?”

“You… President Bai, with your esteemed status, why would you hire a mercenary…?” The man returned to his seat, still in disbelief.

“What? I can’t hire a mercenary?” Ye Wanwan asked with a smile.

“Of course not.” The man shook his head. “The Fearless Alliance has many strong members… Of course, there are some things that aren’t proper for the Fearless Alliance to do themselves, so they need mercenaries to resolve them on their behalf. Earlier, the Nie family…”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes sparkled. That was what she wanted to know!

However, the man seemed to have sensed something and hastily broke off, not saying anything more.

“President Bai, please tell me whatever you need…” The man smiled. “Also, don’t worry about the confidentiality. A mercenary’s most basic requirement is to keep their employer’s information confidential. There’s no way we would leak any information, even if that means our death.”

Ye Wanwan thoroughly believed in this point.

Typically speaking, if a mercenary revealed their employer’s information, they wouldn’t have a home in the mercenary world anymore. Not only would they wreck their future, but they might also invoke destructive revenge and an attack from their employer. Hence, most mercenaries wouldn’t reveal any information about their employers even if they had to die.

“I said I want Worriless Nie’s head. As long as you can succeed, money isn’t a problem,” Ye Wanwan repeated.

“I believe that, of course, President Bai. With the Fearless Alliance’s finances, the price of a S-rank mission is just an appetizer…” The man nodded but looked a bit hesitant. “However… President Bai, this mission isn’t easy to do… President Bai should know that Worriless Nie disappeared for many years, and even the Nie family can’t find her…”

“Nonsense.” Ye Wanwan glanced at him. “Isn’t Worriless Nie with the Nie family right now?”

“Um…” The man was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The Worriless Nie with the Nie family right now wasn’t the true Worriless Nie…

They previously accepted a mission from the Nie family and were led by a confidant of Nie Linglong to China to kill the real Worriless Nie.

However, Worriless Nie ended up being rescued by a white-haired man.

Hence, it went without thinking that the Worriless Nie in the Nie family absolutely wasn’t the real one.

“Um… Does President Bai want to kill the Worriless Nie with the Nie family… or the missing Worriless Nie…?” the man cautiously asked.

“What do you mean?” Ye Wanwan asked coldly.

“President Bai, I can’t divulge other information. Allow me to ask you though, when did your dispute with Worriless Nie occur?” the man inquired.

“Many years ago,” Ye Wanwan fibbed after a moment of thought.

Many years ago, so that’s the real Worriless Nie then, the man thought inwardly.

President Fearless wanted him to kill the real Worriless Nie, so it definitely wouldn’t do if he killed the fake one. Moreover, what kind of place was the Nie residence? It was impossible for him to go to the Nie residence to kill someone. That was the same as asking for death..

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