Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1584 - Self carry a hatred-attracting halo

Chapter 1584: Self carry a hatred-attracting halo

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The two people didn’t speak loudly, but Ye Wanwan and Elder Liu could hear them clearly from behind them.

Elder Liu turned to Ye Wanwan with a frown. “Presumptuous, they’re seriously too insolent… How dare they treat you like this?!”

Ye Wanwan merely smiled without a care.

Right now, she didn’t come to enroll in Scarlet Flames Academy as the president of the Fearless Alliance. She was just a normal person, so she didn’t need to worry about those people’s words.

“Let’s go,” Ye Wanwan suggested quietly.

“Alright.” Elder Liu nodded. Since the President herself didn’t say anything, he naturally wouldn’t comment further.

The flood of young men and women coming to Scarlet Flames Academy to enroll continued to gush into the mountain in increasing amounts.

Scarlet Flames Academy had very strict student recruitment standards. Amongst these thousands of youths who came to enroll, only a handful would end up being chosen by the academy.

The status and reputation of mercenaries were extremely high in the Independent State, but the type of mercenary academy they graduated from was still important.

The Independent State had countless mercenary academies, but only the three great academies, e.g. Scarlet Flames, had the most worth.

Ye Wanwan was rather curious about the mercenary system, but her main objective for coming to Scarlet Flames Academy this time was to approach its headmaster and hope the headmaster could help her. Aside from seeing if she could recover her memory, Ye Wanwan had no other wishes.

About an hour and a half later, Ye Wanwan and Elder Liu reached the top of the mountain.

The peak was home to Scarlet Flames Academy’s headquarters. As far as the eye could see, vast and imposing were the only descriptions its visitors could conjure up.

However, ahead of them, Scarlet Flames Academy’s grand, towering gates were tightly shut.

There were dozens of elders and higher-ups of patrician families with their groups behind them waiting in front of the gates.

Ye Wanwan and Elder Liu soon joined the crowd.

Amongst the crowd, Ye Wanwan and Elder Liu appeared a bit peculiar.

Ye Wanwan’s ugly, heavy make-up was especially eye-catching.

“Heh. Does anyone and everyone seriously dare to come to Scarlet Flames Academy nowadays?”

A beautiful woman glanced at Ye Wanwan and snorted.

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows. Was her ugliness that fresh and unconventional? Or was she carrying a hatred-attracting halo and everybody was compelled to ridicule her? If she had known earlier, she would’ve just transformed into a man…

“Scarlet Flames Academy isn’t a place someone like you can enter. Roll back to wherever you came from, and don’t sully Scarlet Flames Academy’s doors,” the beautiful woman coldly said to Ye Wanwan.

“Insolence!” Elder Liu grew furious immediately. “Girl, do you know this is…”

Ye Wanwan lightly shook her head at Elder Liu before he could finish speaking.

Her identity as the president of the Fearless Alliance absolutely couldn’t be divulged unless it was a last resort.

Otherwise, if Scarlet Flames Academy discovered she was the president of the Fearless Alliance, it would be useless even if she had recommendation letters from Yi Shuihan or the President of the Martial Arts Union, let alone Ji Xiuran.

The three great mercenary academies often used the Fearless Alliance as a negative example in lessons for their students. They had completely demonized Bai Feng as though she was the queen of devils in the Independent State and attached extremely nefarious and evil labels to her.

“What? Know what about this little delinquent?” The beautiful woman glanced at Elder Liu and snorted.

Before the woman could finish speaking, a man in a black suit standing behind the woman coldly interjected, “Don’t argue with other people.”

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