Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1583 - I’m going to die from laughter

Chapter 1583: I’m going to die from laughter

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“How about you pretend to be my grandfather, and I’ll pretend to be your granddaughter…?” Ye Wanwan asked him with a smile.

“President, that’d be inappropriate! This subordinate wouldn’t dare!” The elderly man frantically shook his head. Calling the President Fearless his granddaughter? Was that a joke?

“You should know about Scarlet Flames Academy. If you don’t pretend to be my grandfather, how can I sneak in and go undercover as a student?”

“Um…” The elderly man visibly struggled for a moment before finally nodding. “Then… Alright. But you must pardon me for my disrespect, President.”

“It’s no offense, no offense. I’ll give you an extra drumstick and add a merit to your file when we get back,” Ye Wanwan said with a smile.

“Okay.” The elderly man nodded lightly.

Soon, Ye Wanwan and the elderly man started hiking up the mountain.

On the way there, there were many young men and women from the major and minor clans in the Independent State appearing like a tide and rushing up the mountain.

“Elder Liu, is that you?”

A cheerful voice was heard from behind them.

The elderly man looked behind him.

“President Fearless, this is an elder from a patrician family located near the Fearless Alliance’s territory,” the elderly man, Elder Liu, quietly informed Ye Wanwan.

The new elder soon arrived in front of them with a young man and woman behind him.

“Elder Liu, this is…?” The elder looked at Ye Wanwan.

“My granddaughter,” Elder Liu answered aloofly.

“Oh, you actually have a granddaughter? Didn’t your son die many years ago…? I thought your Liu family bloodline was extinct… However, if she’s only your granddaughter, it’s the same as your line going extinct,” the elderly man said with an airy chuckle.

Elder Liu’s expression shifted, but he didn’t want to say anything, not wanting to cause unnecessary complications.

“Elder Liu, look at how thin and fragile your granddaughter is. Why did you let her come to Scarlet Flames Academy to enroll? I reckon she’ll die in a mission eventually, so you should take her home now,” the elderly man continued with a smile.

“That’s none of your business,” Elder Liu said coldly.

“Haha, I was just being kind. Forget it if you’re ungrateful. Say, your martial arts are mediocre, so your granddaughter’s martial arts must also be very average. Scarlet Flames Academy is one of the three great mercenary academies in the Independent State, so their entry requirements are very strict. I don’t think your granddaughter can even pass the first round of examinations. Even if she passes, she won’t turn out to be much in the future, so why don’t you have her follow your path and enter the Fearless Alliance? After she becomes a member of the Fearless Alliance, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to just scrape together a living until she dies.” The elderly man guffawed.

After the young man and woman behind the elderly man glanced at Ye Wanwan, contempt filled their faces, and they both shook their heads while chuckling.

This girl was incredibly ugly. What could she use to get into Scarlet Flames? Was she going to use her face to scare the examiners to death?

“Thank you for your concern,” Elder Liu said placidly.

“Haha, Elder Liu, don’t be so distant. Look at my grandson and granddaughter,” the elderly man introduced with a smile.

“Eh, not bad.” Elder Liu was expressionless.

“Why aren’t you greeting Elder Liu?” The elderly man looked at his grandchildren.

“Hello, Elder Liu,” the young man and woman greeted him simultaneously with a smile.

Elder Liu nodded in response.

“Alright, Elder Liu, enough small talk for now.” The elderly man started leading his grandchildren up the mountain.

“I’m going to die from laughter! How could someone with looks like her show herself in public without any shame? What an eyesore!” A young woman snorted behind the elderly man.

“There are seriously all kinds of peculiarities in this world. What kind of place does she think Scarlet Flames Academy is? How can some random nobody have the guts to come and enroll? And she even wants to become a student at Scarlet Flames Academy…? How preposterous.” The young man also sneered.

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