Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1571 - Worriless Nie is an impersonator

Chapter 1571: Worriless Nie is an impersonator

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“Missy, I think you ate a bear’s hearts and leopard’s gall or else where would you get the guts to slander the Fearless Alliance’s president?” Li Si coldly looked at the red-gowned socialite.

He might’ve believed it if this was in the past, but ever since the President whipped the ass of Ironhead Gang’s boss last time, who would dare to doubt the President’s identity?!

“I… I’m telling you the truth! You must’ve been deluded by that woman! You mustn’t trust her!” the red-gowned socialite insisted urgently.

“Heh… missy, are you saying we can’t even recognize our own president?” Third Elder’s lips turned up with a cold smile.

Before she could respond, Third Elder impatiently waved her hand. “Seize her and toss her into the dungeon. I’ll report it to the President when she’s free, and the President can decide whether to bury her alive or burn her to death.”

Several members of the Fearless Alliance rushed forward and picked up the red-gowned socialite like they were grabbing a chick.

A member couldn’t help but shake his head. This woman was seriously suicidal.

These past few days, the president had been closer to First Elder, and Third Elder had felt gloomy and wanted to find an outlet to vent…

“You dare…?! I’m under Nie Linglong! You dare touch me?!” The red-gowned socialite was incensed.

“Who cares if you’re under Nie Linglong? Even if you’re under the Emperor of Heaven, you’d need to die for slandering President Fearless.” Third Elder glanced at her before commanding the members to throw her into the dungeon.

After watching the red-gowned socialite slapped by an elder and captured, “Worriless Nie”‘s smile disappeared instantly.

What happened? This didn’t match her expectations at all…

How did things degenerate to this extent?!

After “Worriless Nie” thought about it for a moment, a cold glint flashed through her eyes, and she drove away.

Ye Wanwan didn’t know about this small incident. Two days later, the results from the DNA test came out, and First Elder entered the office with a report in hand.

Upon seeing this, Ye Wanwan quickly made Big Dipper and Seven Star leave before telling First Elder to have a seat.

“What’s the result, First Elder?” Ye Wanwan asked.

She didn’t have any expectations since there was a very minute possibility that Worriless Nie was an impersonator, but she needed to inform Yi Shuihan about the result regardless.

“President… the test results arrived.” First Elder gently placed the report on Ye Wanwan’s desk.

Ye Wanwan skimmed the test report but couldn’t understand it…

“Tell me the result directly, First Elder,” she ordered.

“Alright.” First Elder nodded. “President, the DNA doesn’t match.”

Ye Wanwan’s pupils contracted upon hearing that.

The DNA didn’t match, meaning…

“Yes, that means Person A and B don’t have any blood relations and are two complete strangers.” First Elder drank a sip of tea and calmly explained to Ye Wanwan.

A raging storm tore through Ye Wanwan’s mind.

This meant…

That Worriless Nie was truly an impersonator and wasn’t Tangtang’s biological mother!!!

“Are you certain about the result of this report, First Elder? Could there be any errors?” Ye Wanwan frowned. She couldn’t be careless about this matter since it was related to Tangtang’s entire life!

“President, you’re worrying too much. Even if you don’t believe in me, you should believe in science. If it is, it is. If it isn’t, it isn’t. The accuracy is 99.9%, so there couldn’t have been any errors.” First Elder was convinced.

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