Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1570 - You ate a bear’s hearts and leopard’s gall

Chapter 1570: You ate a bear’s hearts and leopard’s gall

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“Understood, this subordinate will do it now. It’ll be very fast.” First Elder nodded and quickly left the office.

Ye Wanwan sat and lightly knocked on the desk with both hands. Ye Shaoting and Ye Mufan were still kept in custody, so she had to be as fast as possible in the next three months or so.

First Elder was truly efficient in his work. Several essential machines were secretly transported to the Fearless Alliance in half a day, and he took the samples of “Worriless Nie” and Tangtang from Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan merely needed to quietly wait a little while before she would get the results.

At the same time, outside the Fearless Alliance headquarters:

“Worriless Nie” sat in the car and icily smiled as she looked at the building.

“Little b*tch… Your everything belongs to me, including… your life… I’d like to see how miserably you’ll die in the Fearless Alliance…”

Soon, the car door was opened, and the red-gowned socialite from the Shen banquet yesterday said to “Worriless Nie,” “Worriless, just watch. That little b*tch will definitely die… Not only does that little b*tch want to steal your Tangtang from you but she also dared to impersonate the president of the Fearless Alliance! How dare a disgusting rotten worm like her delusionally wish to transform into a phoenix and soar to the heavens?!”


“Worriless Nie” chuckled softly. “I’ll watch your performance then.”

“Oh right, Worriless… Does Linglong know… Should we tell Linglong first?” the red-gowned socialite asked.

“Worriless Nie” snorted. “You think Linglong would look at someone like her?”

“Yes… You’re right. I’m feel comforted then.” The red-gowned socialite nodded and sashayed toward the Fearless Alliance.

Several members of the Fearless Alliance watched as the red-gowned socialite entered the Fearless Alliance’s lobby, and one of them asked impatiently, “What are you doing?”

“Tell your elders to come out,” the red-gowned socialite demanded aloofly.

“What?” The Fearless Alliance member was startled. “Do you think you can see our elders just ’cause you want to? Do you know where you are?”

“Let me tell you, I have some major classified information. Immediately tell your elders to come out and see me or else you won’t be able to shoulder the blame!” the red-gowned socialite said coldly.

Before the Fearless Alliance member could respond, Third Elder Li Si walked into the lobby with a frown. “What are you shouting about?”

“Third Elder… this woman… says she has major classified information,” the Fearless Alliance member reverently said as he immediately received Li Si.

Li Si examined the red-gowned socialite. “What major classified information?”

“Elder… I’m telling you, your president of the Fearless Alliance is a fake! She’s an impersonator!” The red-gowned woman walked toward Li Si and swiftly said, “She’s actually a Chinese woman, and her name is Ye something Wanwan, not Bai Feng! She’s an impersonator pretending to be your esteemed president!”


Third Elder sneered. “Are you telling the truth?”

“Of course!” The red-gowned socialite nodded frantically. “I wouldn’t have the nerve to joke about a significant matter like this! I can ascertain it’s the absolute truth that your president of the Fearless Alliance is an impersonator!”

However, as soon as the red-gowned socialite finished speaking, a chilly glint flashed through Third Elder’s eyes and he lifted his right arm. Before she could react, a ruthless slap landed on her face.


A crisp sound rang.

The red-gowned socialite was stunned to her spot and she stared at Third Elder Li Si in disbelief.

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