Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1547 - Emperor Ji and Lord Asura are fighting!

Chapter 1547: Emperor Ji and Lord Asura are fighting!

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Ji Xiuran sat face to face with Si Yehan with a chessboard in between them.

“How’s the tea, Lord Asura?” Ji Xiuran asked him with a light chuckle.

“It’s good,” Si Yehan replied aloofly.

Ji Xiuran pushed the tea aside and used his right hand to pick up a chess piece from the chessboard in front of him. “Lord Asura, our game hasn’t finished yet.”

Ji Xiuran’s right hand gently placed the chess piece down.

Si Yehan didn’t say anything and started playing with Ji Xiuran.

“Other people have mentioned that Lord Asura is extremely learned, so I have a matter to ask Lord Asura,” Ji Xiuran said.

Si Yehan glanced at him. “With your knowledge, you shouldn’t need to ask other people anything, Emperor Ji.”

Ji Xiuran didn’t respond outright and started saying, “If a person’s memories are completely erased and replaced by someone else’s memories, then is that person considered to have died since she’s living with another person’s memories and living for other people?”

Si Yehan’s expressionless gaze landed on Ji Xiuran.

“This type of ‘living’ where you linger in this world without your dignity, dead but not truly dead. You don’t know your name and everything that originally belonged to you has turned into smoke and mirrors. You have no choice but to accept everything that belongs to someone else. It sounds rather cruel, no…? But what if this cruelty was bestowed upon her by her most intimate, trusted lover? Isn’t that crueler?” Ji Xiuran’s smile deepened as he looked at Si Yehan.

“Emperor Ji, your philosophy is growing more superb. However, whether it’s cruel or not, it’s someone else’s business. Minding your own business is more important than anything,” Si Yehan said indifferently. Then he raised his chess piece and captured one of Ji Xiuran’s chess pieces.

“Heh… I’ve always heard that Lord Asura is rather talented in martial arts. I’ve wanted to exchange notes with you for a long time. There’s no time like the present, so how about we have a go?” Ji Xiuran smiled detachedly.

A second later, Ji Xiuran lifted his right fist and slowly placed it on the chessboard.

At the same time, a loud “bang” rang out and the chess piece, made from unknown materials, instantly shattered into pieces.

Everyone in the banquet grew silent and looked at Si Yehan and Ji Xiuran.

“What’s going on?!”

“Isn’t that… Emperor Ji and Lord Asura?!”

Big Dipper was astonished. “D*mn! Did those two get angry from playing chess?”

Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper. “Do you think you can get angry from playing chess?”

“Isn’t that nonsense?!” Big Dipper looked at Seven Star. “It’s the same logic as playing Fight the Landlord. You can beat me once, you can beat me twice, but if you freaking beat me eight or ten times in a row and won’t let me win even once, see if I’d beat you to death! If I don’t beat you to death, I’m gonna fatally smack my head against the ground, and you won’t need to bury me.”

Seven Star: “…”

“D*mn! Look, everyone! Emperor Ji and Lord Asura got angry from playing chest! Their shame turned into anger and they’re going to fight!” Big Dipper excitedly shouted at the top of his lungs.

Everyone spread around the Shen residence flooded toward them.

In the Independent State, it was normally harder than ascending the heavens to see Lord Asura and Emperor Ji’s faces, let alone seeing them fight!

They’d all heard that Emperor Ji and Lord Asura were extremely strong martially, but no one had witnessed them before, so who wouldn’t want to see them in action considering this opportunity today?

Ye Wanwan reflexively turned to Lord Asura and Ji Xiuran, bewildered. These two…

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