Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1546 - Emperor Ji’s most dangerous faint smile

Chapter 1546: Emperor Ji’s most dangerous faint smile

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“Eh… You…” Nameless Nie walked to Lord Asura’s side and asked, “Have we met before?”

Lord Asura was forced to face Nameless Nie directly and aloofly said, “You have the wrong person, sir.”

“Eh… your words are a little strange. I haven’t even named who you are yet, but you’re saying I have the wrong person…” Nameless Nie stared at Lord Asura with a furrow of his brows. He rubbed his chin as he pondered over it.

This man is seriously too familiar-looking. Where in the world have I seen him before…?

When I went out on missions…? Hmm… no…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in the Independent State either.

Then… what about China…?

“Ah! I remember!” Nameless Nie slapped his thigh. “You’re the owner of that food stall in China!”

Si Yehan: “…”

Jiang Yan was baffled. Owner of… a food stall? What???

When did my master open a food stall and become its owner?

“You do have the wrong person, sir,” Si Yehan said.

“Right, right, right. I got it wrong; you aren’t the owner of that food stall in China… I remember that owner as round and fat and he wasn’t as handsome as you…” As Nameless Nie said this, he kept examining Si Yehan.

After examining Si Yehan for almost 10 minutes, Nameless Nie’s eyes flashed. “D*mn! I remember now! You’re Ye Wanwan’s boyfriend… Back then… you even pretended to be Tangtang’s father! You’re the patriarch of the Si family, Si Yehan! Am I right?!”

Nearby, Ji Xiuran’s signature smile instantly disappeared without a trace. There was thunder and lightning and a raging storm in his eyes as he slowly looked at Si Yehan.

The patriarch of the Si family in China… The man who erased all of Worriless Nie’s memories and completely turned Worriless Nie into Ye Wanwan…

“D*mn! What the hell are you doing? How could you just abandon your girlfriend in China? Ye Wanwan was so anxious that she came running to the Independent State by herself to find you! I also heard she swam here,” Nameless Nie urgently questioned while staring at Si Yehan.

“Ye Wanwan… Si Yehan… You must have the wrong person, sir. I don’t know these people you speak of,” Si Yehan said aloofly.

“Wrong person?” Nameless Nie looked uncertain. That also made sense.

This man was Lord Asura in the Independent State, and the Si family of China probably wasn’t a match for even a toe of Lord Asura. So why would he run to China to be some patriarch…?

“Alright, perhaps I do have the wrong person… But your face is seriously similar.” Nameless Nie shook his head and walked to Jiang Yan. “Bro, sorry, I recognized the wrong person. Here’s some money to nurture your health. It’s also my apology to you.”

Then he forcefully stuffed $100 into Jiang Yan’s hand.

“…” You freaking… Where did this madman come from?!

As Ji Xiuran watched Nameless Nie leave abandonedly, his signature smile returned to his face.

When a silver-haired elderly man saw that smile appearing on Ji Xiuran’s face, which was as exquisite as a carved statue, shock entered his eyes.

Was Emperor Ji… about to get serious with someone?

Other people might not know the meaning behind Emperor Ji’s smile every time he smiled like that, but people like them who followed Emperor Ji knew it better than anyone.

This was a warning for extreme danger.

The final calm before the storm…

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