Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1518 - Don’t want Tangtang to be cold-blooded

Chapter 1518: Don’t want Tangtang to be cold-blooded

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“Tangtang…” Ye Wanwan called out softly while looking at the nearby Tangtang.

Tangtang’s expression became obviously startled when he heard Ye Wanwan’s voice and reflexively turned to look at her.

Disbelief emerged in Tangtang’s detached gaze, which was quickly replaced by excitement and joy.

“Mommy…?” Tangtang immediately walked toward Ye Wanwan and carefully examined her, afraid he was imagining things.

“Worriless Nie”‘s expression darkened when she heard how Tangtang addressed her, and a cold glint flickered through Nie Linglong’s eyes.

Blood was truly thicker than water. The real Worriless Nie had clearly lost her memories, and Tangtang also didn’t know she was his mother, but he still acted so familiarly with her… and so aloof toward the fake Worriless Nie who was pretending to be his mother…

“Tangtang, what are you saying?! Who are you calling ‘Mommy’?!”

“Worriless Nie” stared at Tangtang with a deep frown.

Tangtang glanced at “Worriless Nie” but quickly looked away with no desire to pay attention to her. All his attention was focused on Ye Wanwan.

“Mommy… how come you’re here in the Independent State…? Weren’t you in China, Mommy?” Tangtang couldn’t understand why Ye Wanwan was standing right in front of him.

China was too remote from the Independent State. Normal people weren’t familiar with the Independent State, and many people had never even heard of it.

Moreover, people who wanted to enter the Independent State needed a special permit.

“I’ve been here a while… I’ve wanted to visit Tangtang for a long time, but it hasn’t been convenient,” Ye Wanwan replied with a smile.

Tangtang shook his head and said, “Mommy, you can treat the Nie residence like your own home and visit me at any time…”

He turned to Nameless Nie and asked, “What do you say, Uncle?”

“Oh… I shouldn’t talk. I’m afraid my wording will be problematic,” Nameless Nie answered.

Tangtang became expressionless. “Are you sure, Uncle…? If Grandma learns…”

“Hahaha!” Nameless Nie laughed before Tangtang could finish speaking. “Little darling, look at what you’re saying… Wanwan looked after you for so long in China, so of course she should treat the Nie residence like her own home now that she’s in the Independent State. Is this even a question? You’re too inconsiderate, child…”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

“Tangtang, don’t be so inconsiderate. She’s not your mom. You can’t call people your mom carelessly,” Nie Linglong said to Tangtang.

“I don’t mind having another mommy,” Tangtang said.

“You don’t mind, but your mom minds,” Nie Linglong retorted.

“Linglong… enough… This is all my fault… It’s my fault that I was forced to leave home due to an accident and abandon Tangtang…”

“Worriless Nie” looked woeful like she had suffered some immense grievance.

“Sister Worriless, don’t say that… You had your reasons… Anyway, aren’t you back now?” Nie Linglong comforted her.

Nie Linglong turned to Tangtang. “Look… Look at how sad you made your mom, Tangtang!”

Before Nie Linglong could say anything more, Madam Nie interrupted with a slight frown. “Alright, that’s enough.”

“Mom!” Nie Linglong turned to Madam Nie.

“It’s human nature that he developed affection after Wanwan looked after Tangtang for so long in China. What? Do you want Tangtang to be cold-blooded instead?” Madam Nie asked Worriless Nie and Nie Linglong.

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