Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1517 - Watch your words

Chapter 1517: Watch your words

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“Come, Worriless, Linglong… Long time no see, take your greeting gifts.” Eldest Young Master Shen walked to them.

“Thanks, but we’re fine…” Nie Linglong said.

“Pretentious!” Eldest Young Master Shen glanced at them before strolling toward Madam Nie. “Auntie Nie… here’s your greeting gift!”

“Um…” Madam Nie was a bit embarrassed as she looked at the gold bar he handed to her but accepted it in the end.

“Here, a greeting gift. Take it!” Eldest Young Master Shen walked to Ye Wanwan and lavishly pulled out a gold bar for her.

Ye Wanwan: “…” Where did this foolish son of the landlord come from? I don’t know him at all… but he’s going to give me a gold bar without even asking…?

“Thank you!” Ye Wanwan smiled at Eldest Young Master Shen and accepted the gold bar unabashedly.

Only a fool would decline it!

“Oh right, who’s this beauty? I’ve never seen her before?” Eldest Young Master appraised Ye Wanwan up and down.

“…” Why did you give me a gold bar if you’ve never freaking seen me before…?

“Old Pal Shen, she’s my sworn brother!” Nameless Nie replied instantly.

Eldest Young Master Shen nodded and turned to Ye Wanwan. “Beautiful miss, do you have a boyfriend? Are you married?”

“Old Pal Shen, why did you come here today?”

Nameless Nie asked curiously before Ye Wanwan could reply.

“Ah… good question.” Eldest Young Master Shen beamed. “I came to invite you to my break-up banquet! You all have to come!”

Eldest Young Master Shen quickly took out invitation cards and handed them to Nameless Nie and the others.

“Old Pal Shen, don’t worry! Whoever doesn’t go will be a grandson!” Nameless Nie was brimming with excitement.

Soon, Eldest Young Master Shen distributed the invitations to Nie Linglong and “Worriless Nie” as well.

“Beautiful miss, you should come too!” Eldest Young Master Shen walked to Ye Wanwan. He took out another invitation and handed it to her.

“…” Break-up banquet…? What the heck is that…?

Ye Wanwan planned to reject the invitation when Nameless Nie leaned into Ye Wanwan’s ear and quietly told her, “Sister Famous… This is a moneybags’ banquet… If you go, they’ll give gold bricks and such…”

“I’ll definitely come.” Ye Wanwan accepted the invitation politely.

“Alright, we have a deal then.” Eldest Young Master Shen nodded and turned to Madam Nie with a smile. “Auntie Nie, I’ll take my leave now.”

After receiving a response from Madam Nie, he turned and left.

As Ye Wanwan watched the landlord’s foolish son leave, she couldn’t help but marvel inwardly, Ah, he’s a serious spendthrift…

Regardless of how rich the Shen family was, could they endure their eldest young master’s squandering? He would give out gold bars as greeting gifts and gold bricks for attending his banquet… Wasn’t the richest family in the Independent State, the Shen family, too extravagant?

“I’ve gotten two gold bricks this year already!” Nameless Nie quietly exclaimed to Ye Wanwan. “I’ve attended his break-up banquet twice this year; this is the third time.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Before Ye Wanwan could respond, an immensely familiar voice was heard outside the living room.

Soon, Tangtang, wearing a little black suit with a bow tie, slowly entered the living room with an aloof expression.

“Grandma, I’m back,” Tangtang greeted as he looked at Madam Nie sitting in the chief seat.

“Little thing, where did you run off to play?” Nameless Nie asked the boy.

Tangtang expressionlessly glanced at Nameless Nie. “Uncle, please be mindful of your wording.”

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