Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 150: The hideous face behind the mask

Chapter 150: The hideous face behind the mask

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"Don't... Don't mention it! Actually, I was just bored so I went out to grab this stuff!" Chu Feng then quickly turned to Ye Wanwan, "Wanwan-jie [1], you pick some too!"

He's actually quite sweet when he calls me jie.

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips curled up, "I won't hold back then!"

The three of them happily split their breakfast and completely ignored Song Zi Hang.

Song Zi Hang gripped the plastic bag in his hands tightly; he'd never felt so embarrassed in his life. With his face darkened and filled with fury, "Jiang Yan Ran! I was wrong and couldn't tell that you're this sort of a person--so devoted and in love to my face but flirting behind my back!

I heard Meng Qi say that after you moved in with this ugly freak, you were influenced by her. As the saying goes, 'he who lies down with dogs will rise with fleas'. You ditched an amazing and kind roommate like Meng Qi to hang around this monster--no wonder you've become so shameless!"

Upon hearing what he said, Ye Wanwan raised her brows. He actually said Yan Ran was flirting around ?

He'll find out very soon what flirting around really means.

Jiang Yan Ran turned pale instantly. She never imagined that the guy she liked for so many years would be this evil after his mask had been removed. What she couldn't tolerate the most was that he not only insulted her but Wanwan as well.

Jiang Yan Ran was so angry that she started shaking. The boy next to her suddenly stepped forward and moved in front of her. He stared coldly at Song Zi Hang and said, "An ungrateful brat like you has the right to criticise other people?

Wanwan-jie's grades topped the class! Her position is much further ahead of the white lotus you've claimed. With Shen Meng Qi's behaviour, she still dares to insult other people? Who gave her that confidence?

You didn't cherish the times Yan Ran was nice to you and you took her for granted. You took her sincerity and trampled on it and even hooked up with her friend, denying the engagement with her in front of the entire school and now, you're blaming her for not allowing you to continue bullying and stepping over her. Who exactly gave you this hideous face?"

Upon hearing what Chu Feng said, Ye Wanwan was a little surprised. I couldn't tell that this guy, who stutters when he's talking to Yan Ran, has such a sharp-tongue!

Song Zi Hang's face contorted in anger, "You..."

"What about me?! Just because you're blind doesn't mean that others are blind too! You're not even fit to carry Yan Ran's shoes! What kind of a man are you? You're not fit to be a human! A useless scumbag!"

"Pfff..." Ye Wanwan was on the verge of giving him a round of applause.

"Chu Feng! You're dead meat!" Song Zi Hang finally flew into a rage. He tossed the food in his hands aside and charged at him.

Chu Feng quickly put his bags down and met him head on but since he was a little late, he was punched in the eye by Song Zi Hang and tottered backwards.

Jiang Yan Ran screamed out, "Chu Feng!"

On the other hand, Ye Wanwan was quite calm. This fight was bound to happen. No matter the outcome, Chu Feng had already won.

Because the person Jiang Yan Ran was worried about was Chu Feng, not Song Zi Hang.

"Wanwan, what should we do?! Song Zi Hang has been trained from a young age--Chu Feng's definitely at a loss here!" Jiang Yan Ran exclaimed anxiously.

Song Zi Hang's moves were ruthless, vicious and fast. Judging by his stance, he must've had some professional training. While they were speaking, Chu Feng was beaten many times.

Ye Wanwan frowned. Although it was good to let Yan Ran's heart ache slightly, being beaten up by Song Zi Hang was really a bit too depressing.

But two girls couldn't help in this situation either, right?

Ye Wanwan focused all her attention and looked closely. She found out where Song Zi Hang might be attacking next with his swift and ruthless moves, and also his weak points, which weren't hard to guess...

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[1]: jie means elder sister in Chinese

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