Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 149: Wooing girls

Chapter 149: Wooing girls

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Ye Wanwan had texted Chu Feng when she saw Song Zi Hang coming from afar.

As to whether or not he used this opportunity depended on his wits.

Ye Wanwan looked up from her phone, glanced suspiciously at Song Zi Hang and mumbled, "Captain Song, Yan Ran already said she doesn't like it. Why're you still forcing her to eat it? She's not a garbage can..."

When he heard that, he glared at Ye Wanwan with a darkened face, "What garbage can? Ugly freak, don't come between us. I just don't want to waste the food!"

Song Zi Hang didn't bother any further with Ye Wanwan and continued with his sweet talk while suppressing his anger, "Yan Ran, I know I went overboard with what happened before. But if you hadn't hurt Meng Qi in the first place, I wouldn't have acted out. If I didn't speak up for Meng Qi then, she would've been misunderstood and attacked by so many people. You and Meng Qi are so close, could you let that happen?"

Jiang Yan Ran thought that she'd be heartbroken but after hearing what he said, she became numb. She smiled slightly and replied, "So you're fine with me being misunderstood and attacked?"

Song Zi Hang had never cared about Jiang Yan Ran; he thought that by being slightly nicer to her and appearing weaker, she'd definitely run back to him with tears of gratitude. Who knew that Jiang Yan Ran wouldn't give him the time of day at all?

Thus, Song Zi Hang started to lose his patience. His expression was cold as he held the plastic bag in his hands, his tone somewhat condescending and annoyed, "Yan Ran, I didn't expect all those replies. Anyway, they merely said some bad things about you but didn't cause much harm. Do you want to cut ties with me over such a small matter? Even though I forgot what you liked, I did give you a sincere apology!"

He said he was sincere but his tone didn't have a trace of sincerity at all.

While Song Zi Hang was busy giving his speech, suddenly, a figure rushed to them like the wind.

All they saw was a tall and handsome boy with his forehead soaked with sweat before them. He bent down panting, "Yan... Yan Ran..."

"Chu Feng..." Jiang Yan Ran was shocked to see Chu Feng with his shirt drenched in sweat, "What's going on?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine! I bought breakfast for you but I wasn't sure what you like to eat so I got a little of everything!"

Chu Feng didn't even have a hand to wipe his sweat--both his arms were full of different sized bags, up to his elbows. He went completely over the top. You'd think he was a food delivery boy!

Judging by the packaging, Chu Feng also bought breakfast from Xiang Man restaurant but he got almost everything on their menu.

Compared to Chu Feng's tactics of wooing girls and sincerity, Song Zi Hang's cup of soy milk and box of steamed dumplings looked way too shabby!

Sure enough, when Song Zi Hang saw Chu Feng, his face changed. And when he saw what he held in his hands, his face became as black as the underside of a pot.

Jiang Yan Ran was stunned, "But... This is too much... How could I possibly finish so much..."

Chu Feng immediately replied, "Just pick what you like and take it!"

"Wouldn't that be very wasteful?"

"No, no, I'll give the rest to the brats in class, it's their lucky day! Hurry, take your pick!"

Seeing the sweat on his face and nervousness in his eyes, Jiang Yan Ran couldn't bring herself to reject him, "Alright then, thank you."


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