Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1487 - Offend some powerful figure?

Chapter 1487: Offend some powerful figure?

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Even Li Si himself didn’t expect the President to spare him!

Li Si originally thought he’d lose a layer of skin even if he didn’t die… The best result would be getting kicked out of the Fearless Alliance…

He… never would’ve expected… the President to spare him!!!

“President…” Li Si clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “President… you are right… If a person randomly came and we all easily acknowledged her identity, that’d be true disloyalty to you, President… Don’t worry, I’ll protect your safety with everything I’ve got from now on!”

“Heh… Li Si, how mighty you’ve gotten. Since when did the President require your protection?” First Elder mockingly ridiculed.

Third Elder glanced at First Elder but didn’t seem willing to pay attention to him, so he didn’t snub First Elder back.

Upon seeing President Fearless pardoning Third Elder Li Si’s crime of disrespect, the other higher-ups who previously doubted Ye Wanwan’s identity all knelt in front of her and pleaded for mercy.

Ye Wanwan was forced to absolve them of their crimes one by one.

Big Dipper secretly gave Ye Wanwan a thumbs up and quietly said to Seven Star, “Brilliant. Sis Feng is truly Sis Feng, she’s too brilliant… Old Seven, do you know? This is the art of controlling people!”

“It’s called the art of an emperor.” Seven Star glanced at Big Dipper.

In truth, this wasn’t the art of an emperor at all. What else could Ye Wanwan do but pardon Third Elder and the others of their crimes? Stand up and beat them to death?

Could she win?

The people pardoned by Ye Wanwan finally relaxed.

Third Elder suddenly spoke up. “President… The Ironhead Gang and Ling Huo are currently locked up in the dungeon… How should we punish them?”

Before Ye Wanwan could respond, First Elder snorted at Li Si. “Third Elder, do you need to ask the President about this kind of thing…? Ling Huo and his group should naturally be executed to prevent future trouble.”

Third Elder turned to look at First Elder. “I’m speaking to the President right now. Why are you butting in? We’re going to punish them however you want? Do you think you’re the president?”

“You!” First Elder’s expression shifted. “Li Si, stop slandering me in front of the President!”

“Heh… I’m telling the truth. The President can naturally see and listen for herself whether I’m talking nonsense without me saying it.” Li Si looked disdainful.

During the years Bai Feng was missing, First Elder and Third Elder were at odds with each other and acted like fire and water. As for the two camps led by these two, they also exploded into several battles, but a winner couldn’t be determined. It was only in the last two years that they eased up a little.

“Ling Huo… The Ironhead Gang…”

Ye Wanwan was confused. Did she offend some powerful figure after she got drunk and her memories blacked out?

What was up with the person locked up in the dungeon?

“President, Ling Huo is in the dungeon right now. Do you want to see him first?” a higher-up asked Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan mulled over it for a moment before nodding and saying, “Let’s go see.”

How could Ye Wanwan possibly know who Ling Huo was… She had no choice but to go and see the situation for herself…

All the higher-ups hastily stood up, and First Elder held open the office’s glass door for Ye Wanwan.

Soon, everyone headed toward the Fearless Alliance’s dungeon, including Seven Star and Big Dipper.

The Fearless Alliance’s dungeon was located in the headquarter’s sub-one floor and used to be utilized for imprisoning Fearless Alliance members who committed wrongs. However, it was later turned into a prison for enemies and hostages.

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