Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1486 - What wrong medication did they take

Chapter 1486: What wrong medication did they take

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Also, what the heck was with his worry?

“Heh… President, you drank too much earlier… Your health is most important, so you should partake moderately or else you’ll damage your body.” Third Elder Li Si also quickly came forward with a grin on his face.

Third Elder and First Elder belonged to two different camps and both wanted to find proof of her pretending to be the president of the Fearless Alliance then ascend to the president’s throne.

These two people normally wanted nothing more than for her to die faster…

Ye Wanwan was confused inside but remained silent.

“President… this subordinate is guilty!” Third Elder suddenly knelt in front of Ye Wanwan without warning, remorse brimming on his face.

Ye Wanwan was flabbergasted by this scene. What was Third Elder doing? Did he also get poisoned by gu?!

“President Fearless… I was blind before and kept doubting your identity… I even wanted to find proof that you were pretending to be the president… and become the new president…”

“However, this subordinate is wholly devoted to you. This subordinate knows better than anyone how much sweat and blood you exhausted in order to create the Fearless Alliance.”

“Hence, I thought only I could take on this large responsibility aside from the president. This way, the Fearless Alliance can travel farther. This subordinate absolutely didn’t want to obtain iron control over the Fearless Alliance; it was for the Fearless Alliance…” Third Elder Li Si said emotionally.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

“Heh… Third Elder, aren’t you too conceited? Even if the president truly disappeared, I don’t think you would achieve much with your nature even if you became the president,” First Elder commented while looking at Li Si.

Li Si snorted at First Elder. “It’s still better than some people who merely want to become the president!”

First Elder’s expression shifted, and he pointed at Third Elder with a furious expression. “Li Si, don’t you dare run your mouth off in front of President Fearless! Heaven and earth can testify my devotion to the Fearless Alliance! You can’t twist the truth with a few words!”

“First Elder, I was just talking about some people but didn’t specifically name you. What’s got your panties twisted, huh? Did I mention your name? The President is extraordinarily wise; I don’t need to twist the truth.” Li Si sneered.

Ye Wanwan became more confused as she watched Third Elder and First Elder erupt into an argument. What wrong medication did these two people take?

They called out “President” again and again, each one sounding more intimate than how they’d address their father…

“Enough.” Ye Wanwan impatiently waved her hand. “Go outside to fight if that’s all you want.”

First Elder and Third Elder immediately stopped arguing.

“President… This subordinate mistakenly thought you were a pretender… and offended you several times. Please consider this subordinate’s benign intentions… and spare this subordinate’s rightful death sentence…” Third Elder cautiously glanced at Ye Wanwan while saying this.

Although Ye Wanwan didn’t know the previous events and what wrong medication they took, she had to keep acting.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted, and she turned to Third Elder and coldly said, “I naturally know you have Fearless Alliance’s best interests in mind. I was away from the Fearless Alliance for so many years and returned so coincidentally, so it’s reasonable for you to have suspicions. As they say, the ignorant are innocent, but this is not to be repeated.”

“Huh?” Third Elder Li Si was evidently taken aback by Ye Wanwan’s last sentence.

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