Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1464 - Came to help you cure the poison

Chapter 1464: Came to help you cure the poison

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“How’s your president?” the man next to Autumn Water also inquired.

When Big Dipper saw the man who spoke, he felt like he was struck by lightning. “S-sh*t!”

E-emperor Ji!

Autumn Water actually managed to call Emperor Ji here!

Big Dipper wasn’t the only one stupefied; Seven Star also looked stunned.

“Why are you standing around? Hurry and bring us to see Xiao Feng! There’s not much time left!” Autumn Water anxiously urged. “Is Xiao Feng in there?”

“Um… Yes… But…” Big Dipper was still stuck in a stupor.

“Then hurry and open the door!” Autumn Water pressed.

“Autumn Water, aren’t you too awesome?! How did you trick Emperor Ji into coming here?” Big Dipper asked after dragging her to the side.

“Don’t ask how I called him here! Hurry and let us see Xiao Feng!”

Big Dipper covertly glanced at the room and replied with an awkward expression, “I can’t… Sis Feng is a bit occupied right now…”

Autumn Water hounded, “Occupied? What do you mean? Don’t tell me you randomly found someone for Xiao Feng! Utter nonsense! Didn’t you say it can only be treated by someone she liked?”

“No! We, we didn’t randomly find someone… It’s…” Big Dipper didn’t know what to say.

Should he tell her they tricked Lord Asura in there?


A broken clatter was heard from inside the room.

“Xiao Feng! Xiao Feng, what happened? Big Dipper, what in the world are you doing?! Hurry and open the door!” Autumn Water snatched the key from Big Dipper and hastily opened the door.

After the door opened, Autumn Water, Emperor Ji, and the others entered immediately.

Broken pieces of porcelain from the teacup littered the floor, and Ye Wanwan looked weak and pale while the man next to her carefully supported her body.

When Autumn Water saw the man inside the room, she was dumbstruck. “Um… Lord… Lord Asura…”

Why is Lord Asura here?!?!?!

Autumn Water turned to Big Dipper and Seven Star, dumbfounded, and sent them an inquiring gaze.

It was Seven Star who answered. “Lord Asura is here because of the matter with the Yuan family.”

Big Dipper lowered his voice and said, “Autumn Water, you know how urgent Sis Feng’s situation was… So we thought… perhaps there was an off chance that Lord Asura could help Sis Feng get rid of the poison…”

Black lines covered Autumn Water’s face. “You’ve gone mad! Where did you get the guts, Big Dipper?!”

Big Dipper felt wronged to death! It definitely wasn’t him who was gutsy, alright?

However, based on Lord Asura and Sis Feng’s dressed state, nothing happened yet probably. Thankfully, their president still retained some rationality.

Ye Wanwan was surprised when she saw Emperor Ji entering. “Ji Xiuran… why… why are you here?”

How sinful! From the looks of it… it was Autumn Water who called him there!

Why did she feel like she was caught in the act of cheating with Ji Xiuran’s arrival…?

When the man next to Ye Wanwan saw the newcomer, his expression also darkened a few degrees.

Last time, he had Lin Que look into the matter, but he didn’t uncover anything about the relationship between Emperor Ji and Bai Feng.

Judging from Emperor Ji’s attitude toward Wanwan though, there had to be some secret.

At the very least, Emperor Ji had to have had an unusual relationship with Wanwan before she lost her memory.

At the same time, Ji Xiuran also looked at Si Yehan silently for a moment before turning to Ye Wanwan with a faintly discernible smile on his face. He nonchalantly answered, “I came to help you cure your poison.”

Help me… cure my poison?

A strange silence descended on the room following Ji Xiuran’s words.

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