Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1463 - Sleep for a while before talking?

Chapter 1463: Sleep for a while before talking?

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Ye Wanwan and Lord Asura were the only two remaining inside the room following everyone’s departure.

After the numbing and aching that reached the bone marrow passed, she was enveloped in a pain that made her feel like she was swallowed by the lava from a volcano. It was a pain worse than death.

She didn’t know how she maintained her calm facade in front of everyone.

That cursed Nameless Nie!

In the end, if it weren’t for that idiot eating from both sides, she wouldn’t become the victim of such an odd gu poison.

Now, how nice of them! They just dusted off their pants and left while she was about to lose her life!

Lord Asura placed down the teacup in his hand and looked at her. “President Bai, please speak frankly.”

“Speak frankly? Okay…” Ye Wanwan nodded and proceeded to ask, “Your Highness, Lord Asura, are you tired?”

The man looked bewildered.

Ye Wanwan scooted over and propped her chin on her hand as she explained, “If you’re tired, how about we sleep for a while before talking?”

Si Yehan: “…”

Si Yehan was silent for a moment before saying, “No need.”

Ye Wanwan didn’t look surprised, but she did look regretful. Her fiery gaze locked onto the man as she slowly said, “Then… I can only… use peaceful means before resorting to force…”

After Ye Wanwan said that, she leaned forward without warning, and her soft lips covered the man’s lips without any hesitation.

When her soft but boiling lips landed on his, his expression finally changed. His pitch-black and icy eyes dilated, and his hands raised slightly as though he wanted to push her away, but they froze in the air.

A few seconds passed before he finally pushed her away. His low and rough voice sounded a bit tense. “President Bai, please respect yourself.”

“…” Ye Wanwan breathed heavily. Respect myself your a**!!!

If the person in front of her was truly Si Yehan and he was determined to conceal his identity from her, she definitely wouldn’t win against him with his intelligence.

When she realized that, defeat overwhelmed her heart.

An intense pain suddenly radiated from her heart, and her face turned white as paper as she tightly clutched her chest. “Ah…”

“You…” The man immediately reached out to support the collapsing girl.

Si Yehan’s face didn’t look so good. Did she really get poisoned by this gu poison that he had never heard of…

Ye Wanwan swallowed the blood in her mouth and took a deep breath before standing up. “Lord Asura, please leave.”

The man frowned lightly.

Cold sweat drenched Ye Wanwan’s forehead. She chuckled and said, “My sincere apologies, but to be truthful, Lord Asura, I’m truly not well enough to receive guests today. Patriarch Yuan poisoned me with mutually-in-love gu, and I need to have sex with the person I like within 12 hours to dissolve the gu. Now… I only have two hours left…”

Si Yehan’s expression changed completely upon hearing that.

Ye Wanwan didn’t sound like she was lying, and the effects on her body couldn’t be faked.

If he didn’t help her relieve the poison now, she might die.

If he helped her relieve the poison, there was an extremely high possibility he’d expose his identity.

She greatly suspected him to begin with…

“I’m truly sorry. I need to go relieve this poison first.”

Ye Wanwan’s words were essentially the same as “I need to go find a man I like and sleep with him first.”

Si Yehan’s hold on the girl’s fingers tightened abruptly.

At this moment, a commotion was suddenly heard from outside the door.

“Big Dipper, Seven Star! Where’s Xiao Feng? Why are you two standing here? Why’s this door locked?” Autumn Water asked in incomprehension upon arriving and seeing this current situation.

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