Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1419 - You're not amazing just 'cause you're good-looking!

Chapter 1419: You’re not amazing just ’cause you’re good-looking!

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The girl’s cunning and provocative smile were simply like poison that eroded the city wall around his heart and nearly defeated him in an instant.

Numbness tingled through Si Yehan’s heart. He didn’t know how he suppressed his desire to embrace and kiss her…

A mere few seconds felt like several centuries had passed.

“So?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Si Yehan’s gaze was cool and calm as he nonchalantly glanced at her. “I never perform deficit transactions.”

When Ye Wanwan heard this, she froze for three seconds before utter disbelief filled her.


She wanted to pay with her body and this guy actually said he would be suffering a loss!

Even if… even if you’re good looking… even if I also think I would profit… It doesn’t mean you’re amazing just ’cause you’re good looking!

“You…” Ye Wanwan’s eyes shot wide open. She was about to explode from fury and couldn’t say anything but “you” for half a day.

She straightened her body a moment later and uttered between gritted teeth, “That’s true. With your incomparable good looks, Lord Asura, I’d be the profiteer no matter how you looked at it…”

At the door, Lin Que swallowed in amazement.

He thought they’d be done for, but he had to bow down to Ninth Brother’s self-control.

Ye Wanwan simply couldn’t figure out why Lord Asura and Si Yehan looked identical and were obviously the same person, yet he wouldn’t recognize her or intend to reunite with her. She couldn’t accept this at all.

What also made her confused was that if Si Yehan really was Lord Asura and possessed such frightening power in the Independent State, why did he return to China and take up position as the Si family’s patriarch?

It didn’t make sense.

Moreover, after Si Yehan returned to the Independent State, didn’t he know the Si family’s catastrophe? Was he just going to ignore the Si family’s matters?

In truth, even when she first discovered everything, even when he left without a word, a thought lingered in her mind. She wanted to believe in him.

However, this man’s indifference and the way he looked at her like a stranger caused her desperately hopeful heart to chill completely.

Ye Wanwan’s fury finally reached its peak and erupted. She didn’t want to speak in circles anymore and pointed at the man. “Si Yehan, why did you leave without a word in China back then? Why did you pretend to not know me after seeing me today?”

It was as though Si Yehan was wearing an impenetrable mask on his face. He said detachedly, “I’m afraid I don’t quite understand President Bai’s words.”

“You don’t understand?” Ye Wanwan snorted. “Si Yehan, why bother pretending in front of me? Do you dare to say you aren’t Si Yehan?”

Si Yehan shook his head, calmness returning to his face. “I understand.”

“You understand?” Ye Wanwan’s brows furrowed slightly.

The man nodded. “President Bai has mistaken me for a friend of yours. However… I’ve lived in the Independent State since I was born and have never gone to China. I do have a few friends who do business in China, but I’m afraid President Bai has got the wrong person.”

“You’ve never been to China?” Ye Wanwan stared into his eyes, wanting to find a flaw in his eyes.

However, Si Yehan’s unfathomable eyes didn’t have a single ripple and looked like the placid surface of a lake.

“That’s right,” Si Yehan said.

“How coincidental then that there would be two identical looking people in this world. What’s more coincidental is that my friend is also in the Independent State right now.”

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