Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1418 - Come! Flaunt your acting skills!

Chapter 1418: Come! Flaunt your acting skills!

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When Lin Que, who was hiding, saw Si Yehan leave, he was going to talk to him. Who knew he would see Ye Wanwan run into Si Yehan when he was about to go over? And so, he hastily slammed on the brakes and hid again while cautiously following them.

Ye Wanwan followed Lord Asura into a study.

Lin Que quickly hid by the doors and leaned toward the door crack.

After Si Yehan entered the room, he sat down on the broad leather chair behind the desk and peered up at her with an apathetic expression. “Do you need something, President Bai? Please speak frankly.”

When Ye Wanwan met his indifferent expression, a familiar twitching pain plagued her heart again.

If it wasn’t convenient to speak earlier due to the presence of people earlier, there was no reason for him to pretend not to recognize her now, right?

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She chuckled lightly and said, “Lord Asura really looks like a friend of mine, so I’m extremely curious…”

The man expressionlessly replied, “There are many similar-looking people in this world.”

Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes slightly. “Oh? Is that so? Then if I may ask you, Lord Asura, why did you keep defending the Fearless Alliance back at the manor? Isn’t your elbow about to… break from how outwardly you’re twisting it1 ?”

The man glanced at her calmly. “As long as I achieve my goal, the process isn’t important. After the Yan family finishes paying off their debt, the Fearless Alliance’s tribute will still need to be paid on time every month.”

In other words, his objective today was to collect tributes and money; anything would do as long as he collected the money.

When Ye Wanwan saw the man’s flawless facade, the small flame in her heart ignited with a roar.

Is this guy freaking flaunting his acting skills with me?

They look the exact same! I’d only believe his nonsense if I was blind!

Ye Wanwan naturally wouldn’t believe him that easily. Fine! You want to flaunt your acting skills, right?!

I’ve never been afraid of anyone when it comes to flaunting acting skills!

Ye Wanwan idly walked toward the study step by step. “Then… What if I don’t have any money and refuse to pay?”

Ye Wanwan reached the study by the time she finished speaking. She supported herself with both hands on the desk and leaned forward, pressing closer toward him.

Si Yehan looked up at the girl who was an arm’s length away from him. He only needed to reach out, and he would be able to embrace her…

“President Bai can try,” Si Yehan icily said.

When she heard his threat, she cast her head down, her fingers slowly clenching. In the next second, she suddenly looked up, her bright and beautiful eyes brimming with enticing happiness. Her voice was languid as she stressed every word. “Is that so?”

Ye Wanwan bent down abruptly and leaned closer to the man’s ears, leaving only millimeters between them.

Accompanied by her gentle breaths, her voice rang next to his ear: “Lord Asura, I definitely don’t have the money… How about I… give myself up as collateral to you?”

The man’s back grew extremely taut in an instant, and his eyes turned so dark that there wasn’t a ray of light.

When Lin Que saw this scene from behind the door, he nearly exclaimed in shock and hastily clutched his mouth.

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! This girl is too crafty! Absolutely too crafty!

She resorted to this trick!

Who knows whether Ninth Brother can resist it…

For some reason, he pitied Ninth Brother a lot suddenly…

Ye Wanwan chuckled lightly and cheerfully looked at him with hints of provocation in her eyes.

Yes, she was forcing him to reveal a crack!

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