Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1353 - Even boasting is so risky

Chapter 1353: Even boasting is so risky

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If Piece of Sh*t was willing to fight Asura, couldn’t she just sit back and relax?

At that point, the Martial Arts Union would give triple the price. She would give Piece of Sh*t one-third and keep the remaining two-thirds.

“I’m not interested,” Piece of Sh*t replied calmly.

“There’s a lot of money! A lot of money!” Ye Wanwan added enthusiastically.

“How much money?” Piece of Sh*t looked at Ye Wanwan.

“About this amount…” Ye Wanwan whispered.

“I’m uninterested in outside factions and won’t interfere with them. Otherwise, do you think the Fearless Alliance would’ve survived until today?” Piece of Sh*t asked Ye Wanwan.


Could it be that Piece of Sh*t wasn’t being merciful toward the president of the Fearless Alliance?! He simply wasn’t interested in attacking!

“Miss Ye… You probably aren’t just a door seller, right?” Piece of Sh*t’s unfathomable eyes suddenly turned toward Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan felt a little guilty. Did he see through me just like that…

“Besides selling doors, you’re probably also a mission intermediary. Large factions assign missions, you’re responsible for finding people to accept missions, and you take a percentage as commission. Am I right?” Piece of Sh*t continued.


I-intermediary… Do I look like an intermediary?

“That’s right! Lord Sh*t is seriously awesome! You managed to figure that out! I have to feed myself somehow, haha,” Ye Wanwan quickly went along with it.

“Help me change the door tomorrow. I won’t accept the mission,” Piece of Sh*t said.


Fine. You’re the boss, everything you say is right…

When Ye Wanwan left Piece of Sh*t’s house, it was dusk.

Big Dipper had started the renovation plans for the seventh floor already, and the elders on the seventh floor didn’t say much. They merely moved to another floor.

Inside her office, Great White and Virus were sound asleep, and one of Virus’s paws was boldly placed on Great White’s tummy.

“Sis Feng, I made the reservation!”

At that time, Big Dipper entered the office and spoke with a chuckle.

“Wait…” Ye Wanwan looked at Big Dipper. “Do you know how to fix doors?”

“Fix doors?” Big Dipper was taken back before chortling. “There’s nothing I don’t know! Sis Feng, it was me who installed your office door.”

“Great.” Ye Wanwan nodded with joy. As people said, armies were to be maintained for years but used on a single day. Big Dipper was finally of use.

Ye Wanwan tossed Piece of Sh*t’s address to Big Dipper. “Put on a worker’s uniform for me tomorrow, then go to the address I gave you and install a security door.”

“Huh? You want me to be a door installation worker?” Big Dipper seemed to find it hard to accept. Why would he know how to install a door? He was just casually bragging!

“Don’t prattle on about it and just go.” Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper.

“Fine…” Big Dipper was forced to nod in agreement . Even bragging is so risky nowadays…

“Sis Feng, Seven Star and the others are waiting. Let’s go.”

Big Dipper hurried Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan didn’t want to go to this place at all, but since Bro Flattop liked to go out often, it was difficult for her to decline.

Ye Wanwan had no choice but to get up and follow Big Dipper outside.

Seven Star and Autumn Water were also coming with them.

About half an hour later, Big Dipper drove to a bustling street. They didn’t get far and could already hear the deafening and provocative music.

Only then did Ye Wanwan realize that Big Dipper was referring to a large and luxurious nightclub…

Sh*t! I’ve never been to this kind of place! How should I fake my experience realistically?!

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