Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1352 - Do you want to drink?

Chapter 1352: Do you want to drink?

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Ye Wanwan merely nodded at Piece of Sh*t’s genial reminder.

Ye Wanwan also didn’t want to involve herself too much with them. Her original intention upon coming to the Independent State was merely to find Si Yehan and ask him about the truth then take him back to China. Who would’ve expected everything to escape her control after coming to the Independent State? She sank deeper and deeper, unable to extract herself.

“Lord Sh*t, why haven’t you ever created any factions?” Ye Wanwan asked curiously.

Rumors claimed this man in front of her had absolute power. This was especially true in a place like the Independent State where a person wasn’t allowed to use firearms and wasn’t overly restrained by laws. Martial skills were everything, so why didn’t someone like Piece of Sh*t create his own power and build his own empire?

Piece of Sh*t was briefly startled. After a moment of thought, he said, “Why should I create a faction and… recruit a bunch of useless garbage? What’s the point of that?”

Ye Wanwan was rendered speechless. Everyone was probably garbage in Piece of Sh*t’s eyes aside from himself…

He was seriously egoistical to his bones…

“Do you want to drink?” Piece of Sh*t asked Ye Wanwan a moment later.

Ye Wanwan reflexively wanted to decline but thought better of it and realized that no one would control her here, so she nodded after a momentary daze. “Sure…”

Piece of Sh*t got up to retrieve the wine and poured a cup for Ye Wanwan. “I brewed this wine myself. You can’t drink it outside.”

“Oh?” Ye Wanwan was immediately interested.

Ye Wanwan soon drank the entire cup.

“How’s the taste?” Piece of Sh*t asked Ye Wanwan.



“The taste is nice… but there doesn’t seem to be any alcohol taste…” Ye Wanwan put down the cup with confusion on her face.

She’d never drank wine that didn’t have a taste of alcohol…

“Yes.” Piece of Sh*t nodded. “It doesn’t have any alcohol content, but there’s a sweetness to it.”

Ye Wanwan looked at Piece of Sh*t, bewildered. “Lord Sh*t… Could I treat this as a beverage?”

“You could if you want,” Piece of Sh*t said.


Then why did you freaking ask me if I wanted to drink…?! Call it a beverage then! You’re making a deer out to be a horse!

“Oh right, Lord Sh*t, I live right next to you… You can come over whenever you have time,” Ye Wanwan said to Piece of Sh*t.

“Next door?” Piece of Sh*t looked up. “I only have a haunted house next door.”

Ye Wanwan was exasperated. “That’s an unlucky house at most… Isn’t calling it a haunted house too much…?”

“You live inside that haunted house?” Piece of Sh*t was astonished.

“Yes, I live inside the haunted house…” Ye Wanwan said as she nodded.

Piece of Sh*t was utterly unfamiliar with the president of the Fearless Alliance, so he was clueless about the president’s previous residence. That was why it was fine for Ye Wanwan to tell him she lived next door.

“Oh… Be careful, it’s haunted,” Piece of Sh*t nonchalantly said before getting up to clean the table.

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. Is Piece of Sh*t doing this on purpose?!

“Oh right, Lord Sh*t…” Ye Wanwan suddenly stood up in front of Piece of Sh*t. “I recently got news that there’s someone preparing to eliminate Asura and is providing generous compensation. Is Lord Sh*t interested…?”

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