Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1345 - Demanding an exorbitant price

Chapter 1345: Demanding an exorbitant price

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Of course, the Independent State alone wasn’t enough to describe Piece of Sh*t’s prowess though. In Piece of Sh*t’s own words, there wasn’t anyone in this world who was his match.

The Martial Arts Union might be the official faction of the Independent State, but they would also suffer if they backed Piece of Sh*t into a dead end.

“Heh… President Bai doesn’t need to worry about that. Our Martial Arts Union naturally has our methods,” Elder Jin said with a chuckle.

“Elder Jin, you probably misunderstood something… Our Fearless Alliance has never been afraid of anyone, including Piece of Sh*t. As for how Piece of Sh*t’s name reverberated throughout the Independent State, I think Elder Jin should know this well,” Ye Wanwan said disdainfully.

If the president of the Fearless Alliance was really afraid of Piece of Sh*t, why would she publicize Piece of Sh*t’s nickname far and wide? Even now, no one in the Independent State knew Piece of Sh*t’s real name and only called him Piece of Sh*t.

“President Bai… You accepted a few outsiders. Do you really think the Martial Arts Union doesn’t know?” Elder Jin chuckled coldly. “The rules of the Independent State weren’t established just by our Martial Arts Union; it also includes the four great clans and some secret factions. If President Bai really wants to break this rule, it’s no big deal if something happens to yourself, but I’m afraid you’ll drag your brothers down with you.”

Elder Jin chuckled. “Of course, if President Bai agrees, our Martial Arts Union will act as the authority on this matter and give those people a permit for the Independent State, allowing them to become residents of the Independent State. We can end the matter like that. How about it?”

Ye Wanwan was brimming with jealousy from Elder Jin’s words. I also want a permit for the Independent State!!!

If she had the permit, why would she need to pretend to be the president of the Fearless Alliance? Her heart wouldn’t be raised to her throat all day, and she wouldn’t roll at night sleeplessly anymore.

“Heh… Elder Jin, I can agree to your request, but agreeing doesn’t mean I was successfully threatened by you. It’s because we do have animosities with Asura… How about this, aside from the aforementioned terms, your Martial Arts Union will provide three times the manpower and money and will assist us to your best ability when needed. Otherwise, case dismissed,” Ye Wanwan negotiated.

“What? Three times the manpower and money?!”

Some of the Martial Arts Union members standing behind Elder Jin looked at each other, bewildered. The outside world said that the president of the Fearless Alliance was avaricious in nature and would rob money when she lacked it. Even the extremely wealthy Shen family, one of the four great clans, was once robbed by her… It appeared there was some truth to those rumors…

“Three times… President Bai is truly demanding an exorbitant price.” Elder Jin looked at Ye Wanwan meaningfully.

He invited many factions into this plan to destroy Asura, but the Fearless Alliance was the hardest to coax and the darkest and craftiest faction.

There had never been a faction who dared to negotiate with the Martial Arts Union like this.

“Fine, I’ll agree to your terms, President. Triple the amount of manpower and money,” Elder Jin finally nodded and complied.

“Okay, hurry. The manpower isn’t urgent, but send the money to me first. Remember, everything is null if you’re missing a single thing,” Ye Wanwan said.

“Heh…” Elder Jin chuckled lightly. “Don’t worry, President Bai. Since we agreed to your terms, we definitely won’t renege on them. I’ll excuse myself now that we’re done discussing official business.”

Then Elder Jin led the members of the Martial Arts Union out of the conference room.

Big Dipper turned to Ye Wanwan in surprise. “Sis Feng… I feel like you’re more arrogant since your return… Back then, you would merely demand double the amount when you asked for money from the Martial Arts Union. This time, you actually demanded triple…”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper. “Who knew how much prices have risen since then? I merely increased it a fraction.”

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