Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1344 - What benefit do I get?

Chapter 1344: What benefit do I get?

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Elder Jin dryly examined Ye Wanwan before chuckling lightly and said, “Of course President Bai remembers. It was President Bai who led the Fearless Alliance and joined the plan to eradicate Asura back then. You worked the hardest too.”

Ye Wanwan was silent. This old geezer was telling the truth.

“President Bai should know that Asura has recently resurged from the dead. Rumors say that Lord Asura has returned. I think President could take advantage of Asura’s weak period and strike a fatal blow,” Elder Jin said to Ye Wanwan.

“Heh… Elder Jin, I’m afraid you didn’t honor us with your visit today because of the gun matter, right? The main objective was Asura, am I right?” Ye Wanwan snorted.

Elder Jin didn’t refute this.

“President Bai, you should know that it was you who was the first to lead the eradication of Asura. Now that Lord Asura has returned and Asura has resurged from the dead, they probably aren’t that friendly toward President Bai and the Fearless Alliance… President Bai should plan while you still can,” Elder Jin advised.

Ye Wanwan called Elder Jin an old fox inside her mind.

The Martial Arts Union was the official faction of the Independent State, and Asura didn’t do anything that violated the Independent State’s principles, so even the Martial Arts Union didn’t have the right to repress Asura.

However, Asura’s power was too enormous and Lord Asura was arrogant, unyielding, and unruly. He ignored the Martial Arts Union completely, offending the Martial Arts Union’s ego.

The Martial Arts Union wouldn’t destroy Asura themselves. Instead, they would instigate other factions to do it for them…

Ye Wanwan had a basic understanding of the animosity between Asura and the Fearless Alliance.

During Asura’s most prosperous period, many factions of the Independent State had to offer a tribute every month, and the Fearless Alliance was no exception.

However, Bro Flattop became furious and killed the Asura members who came asking for a tribute. And so, the feud between the two was formed.

Hence, back when the Martial Arts Union launched a plan to eradicate Asura, the Fearless Alliance agreed to it without any hesitation. Ye Wanwan didn’t know what happened afterward though.

“Why should I agree to this? What benefit will the Fearless Alliance and I get from this?” Ye Wanwan said with a faint smile.

“The Martial Arts Union can send people to assist the Fearless Alliance and President Bai,” Elder Jin replied.

“Just that?” Ye Wanwan snorted. “It’s you, the Martial Arts Union, who wants to destroy Asura, so it’s warranted for you to provide money, power, and people. That doesn’t count.”

“President, you probably offended Piece of Sh*t, right?” Elder Jin switched the topic suddenly and said meaningfully. “I’m sure President Bai knows what kind of person Piece of Sh*t is; even the ancient clans fear Piece of Sh*t to an extent. The Fearless Alliance is nobody in Piece of Sh*t’s eyes… If President Bai agrees, our Martial Arts Union can mediate between you two and make sure Piece of Sh*t doesn’t cause trouble for President Bai and the Fearless Alliance.”

Big Dipper snorted before Ye Wanwan could say anything. “Bluff all you want. If you’re really that capable, you should get Piece of Sh*t to attack Asura instead. Even Asura in its peak period might not dare to provoke Piece of Sh*t. Why did you come looking for us?”

Piece of Sh*t could eliminate an entire army by himself. It was a truth publicly recognized in the Independent State that Piece of Sh*t was unmatched.

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