Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 133: He stole my wife!!

Chapter 133: He stole my wife!!

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On the court at this moment:

The captain of Jin Xiu placed his arm around Chu Feng and spoke earnestly to tug at his heart, "Chu Feng, what's going on with you today? Are you heartbroken?"

"You're the one who's heartbroken; your whole family's heartbroken!" Chu Feng exploded suddenly.

The captain was speechless, "If you're not heartbroken then why are you so distracted? Why do you look like a husband who just got dumped?"

Seeing that Song Zihang was surrounded by a group of beauties, the captain was filled with envy, "Damn! As the saying goes, comparisons only cause suffering! Why does Song Zihang have such a good life? After Jiang Yanran came Shen Mengqi; they're all beauties. Look at him, Chu Feng, you're putting your good looks to waste!"

Although Chu Feng was handsome, he'd never been in a relationship and he didn't even have a girl he fancied, much less loved.

Once, he almost thought that he might be gay.

The captain was busy mocking him when he noticed something wrong with Chu Feng's expression, especially when he saw Jiang Yanran walking towards Song Zihang. The way Chu Feng stared at Song Zihang was as if he was about to murder him.

The captain felt that something wasn't right with him so he quickly held him back, "Buddy, what're you trying to do now? Why do you look so scary? I noticed there's something weird about the way you looked at Song Zihang! Does he owe you money?"

Chu Feng: "He stole my wife!!!"

At the same time over at Qing He's basketball team:

"Captain Song, you're so awesome!"

"Senior, you're the best! Keep beating Qin Xiu in the next half and make them look for their teeth all over the place!"

"Zihang, have some water!" Shen Mengqi passed a water bottle over.

With Song Zihang surrounded by fangirls, Shen Mengqi brought him water and a towel herself, and even switched from calling him Captain Song to Zihang.

Song Zihang had never felt so happy before. He was rarely bold enough to hold Shen Mengqi's hand in front of everybody but he did today, "Mengqi, wait till I place the trophy in your hands! If I win today, will you…"

Song Zihang hadn't finished when someone around him exclaimed towards the nearby spectators, "Jiang Yanran! Jiang Yanran's coming as well! Wow, two girls fighting for a guy, this is going to be a good show!"

Song Zihang's eyes sparkled when he saw the girl's dainty and curvy figure.

Actually… Jiang Yanran's not bad as well…

Her family background and even appearance don't lose to Shen Mengqi at all. It's just that her personality's too boring; there's no meaning and excitement after a while but now…

At this moment, every player from Qing He looked at Song Zihang with eyes of envy as they started teasing Jiang Yanran—

"Hey, missy Jiang! Bringing water to boss again?"

"Heh heh, you even dolled up so prettily just for boss today! Boss is just too good-looking!"

"Missy Jiang, you're too stingy! Why'd you only bring one bottle, what about us?"

Usually, Jiang Yanran was too nice to the basketball team and invested quite a bit of money in them, causing these people to take her for granted.

Naturally, Shen Mengqi noticed the way that Song Zihang was looking at Jiang Yanran. She gritted her teeth but walked over in a calm and friendly manner, "Yanran, you're here! I wanted to call you along just now but was afraid that you were still mad at me. Hurry and come over, we're all waiting for you…"

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