Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 132: Over-excited

Chapter 132: Over-excited

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The whistle blew and the match officially started.

Ye Wanwan took out the popcorn, coke and fried chicken that she prepared from her bag. She ate in delight while watching the match.

Her insatiable appetite was one of the biggest reasons why she decided to be a manager instead of an artist. If her diet had to be restrained, if she was refrained from eating this and that, then what's the point in living?

She wondered whether the vegetation in Jin garden had sprouted or not and wondered what they looked like, along with her chicks, little fish, and little grapes...

Ye Wanwan got distracted for a little bit, while the score on the court was already at 11:0.

Qing He 11 points, Jin Xiu 0 points.

"What's happening?" Ye Wanwan was shocked.

Jiang Yan Ran shook her head, "I'm not sure, Chu Feng doesn't seem to be in good shape today."

Ye Wanwan quickly looked towards Chu Feng. She saw that he kept making numerous mistakes and his footwork was as messy as a drunkard's.

He had quite a bit of energy just now, what happened? Being in front of the girl he likes, shouldn't that give him a burst of power to take down his love rival?

This guy... Could it be that he's over-excited?

My head hurts!

I pinned my hopes on him to take down Song Zi Hang today!

"Ah, it's not the wine that intoxicates but the drinker who gets himself drunk... Ugh, I was wrong. Yan Ran, don't stare at him anymore..."

When she heard the teasing in Ye Wanwan's voice, Jiang Yan Ran looked away shyly.

However, once Jiang Yan Ran looked away, his condition worsened. Ye Wanwan was some distance away but she could hear the rasping voice from the coach of Jin Xiu who was on the verge of breaking down——

"Damn you *mother* Chu Feng, you bastard! Did you take the wrong meds today?! Playing like some dog shit!"

"Bastard, get over here! I'll talk about life with you!"


The coach used the entire two minutes break during the second half to scold Chu Feng.

The boy sunk his head low as he scratched his head; he didn't even dare lift his head to glance at the spectators.

Finally, Jin Xiu couldn't recover their losses in the first half and the match ended at 23:6.

Ye Wanwan shut her eyes as she could hardly bear to look.

Next was the half-time break of fifteen minutes.

All the girls from Qing He cheered and rushed to the court to give the team water and towels and showered them with concern, while over at Jin Xiu, the atmosphere was gloomy.

"Damn! What's wrong with Jin Xiu?! Why are they playing like that?! They were beaten so badly that I couldn't even watch!"

"It can't be helped, Qing He's basketball team has always been quite strong!"

"But we can't lose so badly, right? What's wrong with senior Chu Feng today? Is he feeling sick?"


"Unwell my ass! More like his soul was emptied!"

Ye Wanwan totally didn't foresee that he'd be so lousy. If this carried on, her plan today would be ruined.

"We can only fight poison with poison now!" Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes.

"Fight poison with poison? What do you mean?" Jiang Yan Ran didn't understand.

Ye Wanwan had no choice but to bring out the bottle of water and a towel from her bag, and stuffed them into Jiang Yan Ran's hands, "Send them over to that idiot!"

"Huh...?" Jiang Yan Ran was put on the spot, "Will this work?"

Jiang Yan Ran hadn't imagined that her presence would affect Chu Feng so greatly and she felt somewhat guilty, "Shouldn't I give him some space now?"

Ye Wanwan sighed, "If you leave, he'll be even more devastated. Bring it over."

When she told Jiang Yan Ran to stop looking at Chu Feng, that guy immediately looked like a pet abandoned by his owner--not only did he not improve in the second half, he even ruined someone else's play.

Jiang Yan Ran had no choice but to nod, "Alright."


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