Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1324 - I can’t beat him?

Chapter 1324: I can’t beat him?

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“Si Yehan…” Ji Xiuran murmured thoughtfully.

Ji Xiuran wasn’t familiar with Si Yehan’s name but the surname Si…

“Is there someone from the Si family named Si Yehan?” Ji Xiuran asked Duan Fei.

Duan Fei was startled and asked with surprise, “Emperor Ji, they merely have the same surname. There are quite a few people with the surname Si in China, so he shouldn’t be related to the Si clan.”

Ji Xiuran wanted to say something else when an elderly man approached and told him, “Emperor Ji… Nameless Nie is here.”

“Oh… He’s rather free today.” Ji Xiuran smiled.

A second later, Nameless Nie spiritedly entered the main hall like a ball of fire.

“Brother Nie seems to be rather free today. Why are you here?” Ji Xiuran asked Nameless Nie with a light chuckle.

“Brother-in-law, what do you mean? I’ve been back for so long, but you didn’t come and find me, so it had to be me who came to see you,” Nameless Nie said matter-of-factly.

“Why did Brother Nie come here today?” Ji Xiuran sat down and took a sip of tea.

“Say, Brother-In-Law, Worriless has been found already, so why haven’t you done anything yet? You don’t plan on marrying my sister? I’ll kill you!” Nameless Nie threatened as he looked at Ji Xiuran.

“Oh?” Ji Xiuran chuckled. “Is Brother Nie certain the Worriless Nie in the Nie family is the real one?”

“What do you mean… Ahem, I suspected she was a fake a long time ago. She was missing for so many years and came back with a different personality, but I wasn’t able to find any evidence… Do you have news?” Nameless Nie asked urgently.

Ji Xiuran pondered over it for a moment before shaking his head. “How could I have any ideas if you, her real brother, are clueless yourself?”

Duan Fei covertly peeked at Nameless Nie and thought, ‘This real brother is really unreliable. If Emperor Ji told him the truth, the real Second Miss of the Nie family would probably be in more danger. 

“Ah… Oh, right, did you hear about how Piece of Sh*t was seen in the Independent State recently?” Nameless Nie inquired.

“I heard about it,” Ji Xiuran answered.

“Brother-In-Law, can you help me find Piece of Sh*t? I want to fight him!” Nameless Nie requested with a cold smile.

“Brother Nie… How about you find him yourself? I’d rather not provoke him,” Ji Xiuran replied lightly.

“You don’t think I can beat him?” Nameless Nie frowned.

Before Ji Xiuran could reply, Nameless Nie continued, “Oh, right… Recently, Asura revived…”

“Asura, huh…”

Ji Xiuran’s expression became serious at the mention of Asura, and he fell into contemplation.

Asura incited countless bloodshed in the Independent State back then. Its power was once equal to that of the Martial Arts Union.

Moreover, when the Martial Arts Union targeted and tried to suppress them, Asura swiftly retaliated and successfully clipped the Martial Arts Union’s wings.

Unfortunately, Asura established too many enemies in the Independent State and offended many other factions besides the Martial Arts Union.

Many years ago, Asura was besieged by all the major factions, and the Fearless Alliance was at the forefront of these factions…

After Asura’s battle with the major factions, the mysterious Lord Asura disappeared, and the terrifying power, Asura, also vanished with Lord Asura’s disappearance.

“I heard that Lord Asura might be back…” Nameless Nie said.

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