Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1323 - Cuckolded Emperor Ji

Chapter 1323: Cuckolded Emperor Ji

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Although Little Lolita had never seen Emperor Ji, she wasn’t a stranger to Emperor Ji’s name.

“Hello, Emperor Ji…”

Little Lolita greeted him of her own accord before Emperor Ji said anything.

Emperor Ji nodded and asked, “Who’s your master?”

“Our master…” Little Lolita secretly peered at Emperor Ji and thought for a moment before answering honestly, “Our master is the Rose of Death…”

The crowd in the main hall smiled upon hearing Little Lolita’s words. How could the Rose of Death exist?

“Rose of Death… is it?” Emperor Ji’s lips turned up with a smile akin to the spring breeze.

It appeared Worriless lived vibrantly after disappearing and even pretended to be the Rose of Death while in China.

“May I ask Emperor Ji what is your… relationship with my… master?” Little Lolita cautiously looked at Emperor Ji.

/  NovelFull /   When Ye Wanwan was still in China, she told the five-member mercenary group that she would head to the Independent State, so the group knew she was currently in the Independent State.

“Your master is Emperor Ji’s fiancée,” Duan Fei suddenly interjected.



“Sh*t… seriously… Our master is truly worthy of being our master…”

She managed to seduce Emperor Ji and even had an engagement with him!

Instantly, the expressions of Little Lolita and everyone in her group shifted.

However, Bearded Man was astonished. “Um… wait, isn’t our master with the patriarch of the Si family in China…”

Bearded Man only got some words out before he received a harsh glare from Little Lolita.

With that glare, Bearded Man reacted immediately and shut his mouth.

Their master actually found a male lover in China and cuckolded Emperor Ji…

D*mn, how could they possibly allow Emperor Ji to find out…

“How was your master’s life in China?” Emperor Ji asked.

“Good, great, wonderful! She was free and cheerful!” Heidi hastily replied.

“Ah…” Emperor Ji nodded and looked over the five-member mercenary group. “Since you’re here, you can stay in the Independent State… Your master is currently in the Independent State’s Fearless Alliance. Go find her.”

“Huh… Fearless Alliance?!”

The five-member mercenary group’s expression abruptly changed at the mention of the Fearless Alliance.

What kind of insane joke was this? Just how vicious was the Fearless Alliance? And he wanted them to go to the Fearless Alliance to find Master…

However, since Emperor Ji said that, Ye Wanwan was most probably in the Fearless Alliance.

They were basically abducted, and it was harder to return home than ascending to heaven, so they could only do as Emperor Ji said and try their luck to look for Master.

“Um… Emperor Ji, we’ll take our leave now?” Little Lolita asked warily.

“Take him with you.” Emperor Ji pointed at Liuying inside the main hall.

“Yes yes yes…”

Heidi immediately grabbed Liuying’s arm and dragged him out of the main hall.

After the five-member mercenary group and Liuying left, Duan Fei went up and asked lightly, “Emperor Ji… What are you thinking? Now that Miss Worriless lost her memory, it’s very dangerous for her to remain in the Fearless Alliance. Why don’t you inform the Nie family?”

Emperor Ji chuckled and pointedly said, “Perhaps it’d be more dangerous for her to return to the Nie family.”

“She must progress whether she can recover her memory or not… Although it’s dangerous for her to stay with the Fearless Alliance, it might help her recover her memory. Moreover, I’m the only one in the world who knows about Worriless’s identity as the president of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng.”

/  NovelFull /   “I promised her I wouldn’t tell anyone. Wouldn’t I break my oath to Worriless if I informed the Nie family… Also, the Fearless Alliance belonged to her to begin with,” Emperor Ji added.

Duan Fei was contemplative. “That’s true. The relationship between the four great clans is ambiguous right now, and you represent the Ji family, Emperor Ji, so it’s better if you don’t interfere with the Nie family’s business… Also, you allowed those five people to leave so that they could help Miss Worriless, right, Emperor Ji?”

“That’s right.” Emperor Ji nodded. “There are many covetous onlookers around her, so she needs her own people beside her.”

“Oh, right, Emperor Ji… I looked into it and discovered that Miss Worriless seems to have had a romantic relationship with the patriarch of the Si family in China these past years. However, the Si patriarch disappeared… Miss Worriless most likely came to the Independent State to look for him.”

A cold glint flashed through Ji Xiuran’s eyes. “Name?”

“Si Yehan,” Duan Fei answered.

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