Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1320 - No difference

Chapter 1320: No difference

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Only then did Ye Wanwan realize how frightening her situation and the people she faced were.

Even if she was the president of the Fearless Alliance, she would crash and burn with the slightest careless mistake without leaving a strand of hair behind.

“Li Si, what a heartless move,” Ye Wanwan said.

Third Elder’s eyes coldly glinted, but he smiled amiably. “President, I don’t quite understand what you mean. That little b*stard is unrelated to me, and he offended the president, so it wouldn’t be excessive even if I shredded him to pieces. How am I heartless?”

The other elderly men all looked at each other and saw the derision in each other’s eyes.

Li Si had an abundance of children, so a mere illegitimate son was nothing.

However, they didn’t expect the president to act just the same as before after being missing for so many years…

“There’s also one more thing.” Ye Wanwan’s gaze swept over the room. “A dozen or so people wanted to kill me last night at the casino.”

“What?! That happened?!”

Big Dipper and Autumn Water were shocked. They were also at the casino last night, but they left early so they weren’t aware of the later events.

“You know who wanted to kill me?” Ye Wanwan chuckled. “People from the Fearless Alliance.”


Quite a few members of the Fearless Alliance were shocked when they heard that. People from the Fearless Alliance wanted to kill the president of the Fearless Alliance?!

Big Dipper, Autumn Water, and their group’s gaze reflexively turned to the elders, especially Third Elder Li Si.

“Heh, President, who would be so foolish to want to kill you with your strength?” an elderly man in a red suit asked with a chuckle.

“Second Elder is right.” Third Elder Li Si nodded.

Ye Wanwan didn’t say anything but sneered inwardly.

Those people might’ve wanted to kill her last night, but testing whether she was the true president of the Fearless Alliance was probably another objective.

If she was fake, she might’ve been killed on the spot. If she was real, then those old geezers, especially Third Elder Li Si, would probably switch their method in dealing with her.

However, they most likely didn’t expect to coincidentally run into Piece of Sh*t at the casino last night and offend that frightening, top-tier boss.

“Big Dipper, Autumn Water, investigate this matter clearly and find the mastermind even if you have to turn the Independent State upside down,” Ye Wanwan said.

“President, don’t worry,” Big Dipper and Autumn Water replied simultaneously.

“Alright, President, let’s talk business,” Second Elder told Ye Wanwan in his red suit.

“Speak,” Ye Wanwan said calmly while leaning back in her chair.

“It’s about the Yan family in Yun City’s northern region,” Second Elder said slowly.

Big Dipper and Autumn Water’s expressions became serious at the mention of the Yan family.

The Yan family was a deeply rooted martial patrician family in the northern region of Yun City. They engaged in quite a few battles with the Fearless Alliance in recent years, and the Fearless Alliance was unsuccessful in their various attempts to exterminate the Yan family.

Later, the Yan family retaliated and wiped out several branches of the Fearless Alliance and successfully caused a few traitorous branch members to become loyal to the Yan family.

Recently, the Yan family reached a series of partnerships with all the major mercenary guilds and the Mercenary Academy, dealing a big blow to the Fearless Alliance.

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