Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1319 - Kill him of course

Chapter 1319: Kill him of course

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“I don’t!” Li Si declared impatiently.

“Oh… You really don’t recognize him, Third Elder?” Ye Wanwan looked very “surprised.”

What a load of bullsh*t! Who didn’t know Li Mochen was Li Si’s illegitimate son? Now, who was the one who shoved away all responsibility and wouldn’t even acknowledge his own son?

“President, I said I don’t recognize him, so I don’t.” Li Si then turned to the two Fearless Alliance members holding the stretcher. “Where did this person come from? Look at how seriously injured he is. Hurry and take him to the hospital. Don’t let him die here; it’s unlucky.”


The two Fearless Alliance members were hesitant. President didn’t tell them to leave…

“Hold on.” Ye Wanwan smiled aloofly. “This person offended Autumn Water and me yesterday and spoke to me rudely…”

“Heh, President, you just returned, so some blind people will definitely offend you. I say, President, anyone can make mistakes; you should forgive them when possible. How about it, President?” Third Elder said meaningfully as he looked at Ye Wanwan.

“Anyone can make mistakes, so forgive them when possible?” An icy smile spread across Ye Wanwan’s face. “I’ve never understood that saying in my entire life!”

Ye Wanwan turned to Big Dipper before Third Elder could say anything else. “Big Dipper, how were these matters handled in the past?”

“People who insulted the president of the Fearless Alliance got their clan exterminated. People who disrespected the president of the Fearless Alliance were killed!” Big Dipper enunciated each word vigorously.

“Great. Did you hear that, Li Si?” Ye Wanwan turned to Third Elder.

“Heh… May I ask how you’ll punish this person then, President?” Li Si didn’t seem to cower from Ye Wanwan’s icy gaze at all.

“Kill him of course,” Ye Wanwan said.

“You…” Third Elder’s face darkened.

“Of course, if Third Elder admits he’s your son, perhaps I can spare him and forget about this matter,” Ye Wanwan added.

Li Si’s face turned extremely dark upon hearing that. Even if everyone knew Li Mochen was his son, it’d be fine as long as he didn’t admit it himself. If he admitted it…

He’d have to take full responsibility of his son’s crime of provoking the president of the Fearless Alliance!

“President, you must be joking. How could this little b*stard be my son?” Li Si said.

“Good, wonderful. Since he’s not your son, then I have no choice but to kill him. Otherwise, what would it do to my reputation as the president of the Fearless Alliance?” Ye Wanwan said coldly.

The old geezer, Third Elder Li Si, was as troublesome as expected. As long as he admitted Li Mochen was his son, then Ye Wanwan would have a way to stamp a crime onto him…

“Big Dipper, I’ll leave him to you… Torture him slowly,” Ye Wanwan said with a chuckle.

“President, don’t worry, leave it to me! I’ll guarantee that little b*stard has a fate more miserable and torturous than Asura’s hell!” Big Dipper nodded.

“Scoundrel!” Suddenly, Third Elder Li Si angrily shouted! “This b*stard has the guts to look down on our president! I’ll take care of it for you, President!”

Third Elder looked at the unconscious Li Mochen on the stretcher. Before Ye Wanwan could react, he lifted his palm and mercilessly chopped it at Li Mochen’s head like a blade.

Within seconds, the sound of bones cracking was heard, and Ye Wanwan saw blood flowing out of Li Mochen’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, creating a tragic scene…

Third Elder Li Si’s attack exceeded Ye Wanwan’s expectations. Who would’ve expected Third Elder Li Si to kill his own son with a hit…

Ye Wanwan originally only wanted to find Third Elder’s weakness and make him admit Li Mochen was his son so she could stamp the crime of treason onto Third Elder’s head and use this opportunity to kick him out of the Fearless Alliance. She never would’ve expected Third Elder to be so excessively vicious!

People said even a monster wouldn’t hurt its own children, but Third Elder…

Only then did Ye Wanwan realize how frightening her situation and the people she faced were.

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