Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1290 - Infiltrating the main camp

Chapter 1290: Infiltrating the main camp

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What was tricky was that Ye Wanwan had no knowledge about the relationship between Seven Star and Bro Flattop. Were they biological siblings, maternal cousins, fraternal cousins, or something else?

Ye Wanwan lacked knowledge about both the Fearless Alliance and Bro Flattop. She’d definitely let the cat out of the bag eventually.

Ye Wanwan wrangled her mind for a way to escape from this situation, but Seven Star didn’t give her any chance. The car kept moving forward and never stopped.

After about half a day, the scenery turned more bustling. There was an endless stream of cars and people everywhere the eye could see.

Based on the prosperous big city scene and the Zhou family’s description, Ye Wanwan wagered that this should be the most important city in the Independent State… Yun City!

The headquarters of the four great clans—the Nie, Ji, Shen, and Ling families—were all located in Yun City, as well as the Martial Arts Union and the Mercenary Academy…

The prosperity here wasn’t inferior to China’s Imperial City in any aspect. Moreover, Yun City’s territory was more vast, so it was much bigger than Imperial City.

“How many years has it been since I’ve been to Yun City,” Ye Wanwan said, putting on an act.

However, Seven Star didn’t say anything, and his eyes remained shut.  ( NovelFull )

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Why was this child so troublesome…

A moment later, the fleet of cars stopped in front of a tall building—the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters.

The driver opened the car door, and Seven Star got out of the car.

“Sister, we’re here,” Seven Star aloofly said when he saw Ye Wanwan dawdling in the car.

“Alright.” Ye Wanwan had no choice but to follow Seven Star out of the car.

“President, everyone will definitely die from excitement when they see you!” the elderly man joked with Ye Wanwan.


Ye Wanwan didn’t know whether the members of the Fearless Alliance would die from excitement, but she herself quite wanted to die right now.

She could’ve pretended to be anyone, so why did she just have to pretend to be the boss of a ruthless and savage gang like the Fearless Alliance…

Carefully thinking back on the previous situation at the Zhou residence, if she didn’t go with the flow back then and admitted she was Bro Flattop, not only would the Zhou family have been done for, but she also wouldn’t have ended up well.

This was a solution amongst dead ends. She had no choice.

“Let’s go.” Ye Wanwan squeezed a smile onto her face and followed Seven Star and the elderly man into the building.

It had to be said that the Fearless Alliance was truly wealthy and loaded. They managed to build a building several dozen stories high in a place like Yun City as their headquarters. If she was really Bro Flattop… that’d be rather nice…

However, her parents both passed away, she was with her grandfather ever since she was young, and both she and her grandfather were Chinese. On the other hand, Bro Flattop was from the Independent State and her parents were both alive. No matter how you thought about it, she and Bro Flattop couldn’t be the same person.

Moreover, Ye Wanwan couldn’t find it in herself to believe that she’d be a vicious and evil criminal like Bro Flattop before she lost her memory. She never imagined her previous self as someone who was wicked to the bone.

The inside of the building was swarming with the elite members of the Fearless Alliance. They all called out “Seventh Master” when they saw Seven Star.

It looked like Seven Star might be young but he had quite a high position in the internal management of the Fearless Alliance. Ye Wanwan was curious about this youth’s charm and capabilities.

“Sister, wait here for a moment.” Seven Star led Ye Wanwan to an empty conference room as he told Ye Wanwan.

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