Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1289 - A sheep entering a tiger’s den

Chapter 1289: A sheep entering a tiger’s den

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Then the elderly man quickly asked, “Um… President… how should we handle the Zhou family?”

The Fearless Alliance previously planned to eradicate the Zhou family and establish a Fearless Alliance branch in this spot.

However, the elderly man wasn’t dumb. Their president suddenly appeared at this time and seemed to be backing up the Zhou family, so perhaps the president had some connection to the Zhou family.

“Handle?” Ye Wanwan snorted. “What do you think?”

The elderly man jolted in fright and hastily turned to the Zhou family. He cupped his fists and said, “Everyone, we’re on the same side, it’s all been accidental friendly fire today. I hope you all won’t mind; it’s all a misunderstanding… Say, if you mentioned you were friends with the president earlier, this wouldn’t have happened at all.”

Patriarch Zhou and his family couldn’t say anything in their defense. How could they have known Ye Wanwan was the president of the Fearless Alliance…

“Sister, come back with us,” Seven Star said as his eyes landed on Ye Wanwan.

The Zhou family’s fate—whether they were eradicated or spared—wasn’t important. What was most pressing was to determine whether this girl was the president of the Fearless Alliance.

Ye Wanwan was a bit nervous on the inside but had to maintain her calm and aloof facade.

If she really followed Seven Star and his group back to the Fearless Alliance, wouldn’t it be equivalent to a sheep entering a tiger’s den…

Based on the Fearless Alliance’s style, if they realized she was pretending to be Bro Flattop, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine.

Ye Wanwan didn’t have any time to think about why these people thought she was the Fearless Alliance’s president; she just wanted to extricate herself from this situation and escape.

“Seven Star, I still have some matters to take care of. I’ll naturally head back when I’m done,” Ye Wanwan refuted.

However, Seven Star didn’t intend on releasing Ye Wanwan. He assessed Ye Wanwan for a few seconds before saying, “Sister, regardless of the importance of your business, you’ll have to take care of it later. Right now, the Fearless Alliance has something more important that requires your attention.”

Then Seven Star didn’t give Ye Wanwan any chance to object and turned around to leave.

“President, let’s go… The whole gang has been waiting for President to return all these years. Currently, the Fearless Alliance’s internal situation isn’t stable… It’s been divided into two factions. If President doesn’t come back, the Fearless Alliance might end up breaking apart in the end…” The elderly man sighed.

This elderly man was helpless, but Ye Wanwan was more helpless than him.

What did the Fearless Alliance breaking apart have to do with her…

However, she couldn’t back down anymore. Seven Star doubted her identity from the start, so if she insisted on not returning with them, Seven Star would catch her guilt for sure, and it’d be problematic.

In the end, Ye Wanwan had no choice but to compromise and leave with the Fearless Alliance.

“Patriarch Zhou, Madam Zhou… thank you for generously taking care of me these past days,” Ye Wanwan quietly thanked them before leaving.

Ye Wanwan was grateful toward the Zhou family from the bottom of her heart. After coming to the Independent State, if it weren’t for the Zhou family, she probably would’ve been caught by the investigation team and lost her life.

Soon, Ye Wanwan entered the car and sat in the back seat with Seven Star.

Seven Star maintained a cold expression and stayed silent the entire journey.

An ominous feeling rose in her heart as she watched Seven Star’s demeanor.

Seven Star didn’t think she was the Fearless Alliance’s president at all. Otherwise, his attitude wouldn’t be like this…

She was truly a sheep entering a tiger’s den with her fate unknown…

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