Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1255 - Arranged Ahead of Time

Chapter 1255: Arranged Ahead of Time

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Liang Meixuan quickly left the Ye residence in her car.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t follow her and remained outside the Ye residence.

As expected, Steward Huang also came out of the Ye residence several hours later and drove away.

Ye Wanwan closely followed him at once.

A moment later, Steward Huang arrived at some common hotel.

People like Steward Huang and Liang Meixuan had a reputation and knew quite a few people, so they were probably afraid to be found out. Every time they met up, they booked some small, ordinary hotel.

Ye Wanwan secretly followed behind Steward Huang the whole time. With her current skills in martial arts, someone like Steward Huang naturally didn’t detect her.

After seeing that Steward Huang entered a room on the third floor, Ye Wanwan booked a room next to them.

Ye Wanwan changed into a different outfit after entering the neighboring room. Then she leaped onto the balcony of Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang’s room from the balcony of her room.

The distance between the two rooms’ balconies was a bit far. It was difficult for normal people to cross and was a recipe for danger, but it was nothing to Ye Wanwan.

“Hehe… baby… our good days are coming…” Steward Huang’s voice traveled out of the room as Ye Wanwan hid on the balcony.

“You old pervert… That’s right, is that brother of yours reliable…” Liang Meixuan asked.

“Of course he’s reliable! He’s my close childhood friend, and we grew up together… He later entered a powerful faction. Not too long ago, a junior head of that powerful faction died, so my brother finally promoted a junior head… Otherwise, how could we have accomplished this so easily…” Steward Huang snickered.

“Hmph… I’ve had enough of that spineless coward, Ye Shao’an… Now that Ye Shao’an is dead and Ye Shaoting and that little bastard are arrested, isn’t the Ye family ours… Those two old geezers still have a few years to live, but they can only hand the Ye family to Yiyi and me… Once the Ye family ends up in our hands, you can finally come out in the daylight…” Liang Meixuan said.

“Of course. Yiyi is our daughter. Those idiots probably never would’ve expected the entire Ye family would end up in the hands of us three outsiders who have zero blood ties to the Ye family… Quick, enough talking! I’m dying from impatience…”

“Old thing… slower…”

Ye Wanwan stood on the balcony and listened to the insufferable sounds coming from the room, her brows involuntarily knitting together.

These two people probably thought everything was settled conclusively after so much time had passed, so they relaxed and came out to have a rendezvous. However, they were both very cautious and didn’t mention killing Ye Shao’an at all.

Even if she recorded them, it would merely prove that Ye Yiyi wasn’t Ye Shao’an’s daughter and Liang Meixuan had an illicit relationship with Steward Huang at most…

About 15 minutes later, Liang Meixuan’s voice was heard again. “Oh right… there’s still Ye Wanwan. That little c*nt is also a real piece of work!”

“Don’t worry, I made arrangements ahead of time…” Steward Huang snorted.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes glinted when she heard that. It appeared those two people wanted to harm her too…

Half an hour later, Steward Huang and Liang Meixuan both left the hotel, and Ye Wanwan also checked out from her room.

It wouldn’t be easy to obtain evidence of Steward Huang and Liang Meixuan hiring hitmen to kill Ye Shao’an…

After Ye Wanwan left the hotel, she went home to stay with her mother for a few days.

Liang Wanjun’s mood had been quite down the past few days. Thankfully, Ye Wanwan was with her still. Otherwise, Liang Wanjun would’ve completely broken down already.

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