Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1254 - Eventually give herself away

Chapter 1254: Eventually give herself away

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From her previous life, Ye Wanwan knew Ye Yiyi was actually Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang’s daughter…

Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang had maintained an illicit affair for many years…

Now that Ye Shao’an died, who was the biggest benefactor?

Logically speaking, it would be Ye Shaoting… Of course, that was if this surveillance footage didn’t exist.

However, due to the existence of this surveillance footage, once Ye Shaoting and Ye Mufan were determined to be the murderers… then the biggest benefactors would become Liang Meixuan, Steward Huang, and Ye Yiyi…

The entire Ye family would belong to them, and nothing would threaten them ever again…

This loving family would take over the Ye family completely and push Ye Shaoting and Ye Mufan off a cliff without any room to reverse their fates!

In her previous life, Ye Shao’an eventually discovered Ye Yiyi was Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang’s bastard and flew into a thunderous rage, but in this life…

Perhaps due to Ye Wanwan’s rebirth, it created a supposed butterfly effect. When she analyzed Ye Shaoting’s story, Ye Shao’an probably discovered Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang’s affair ahead of time due to a multitude of reasons and learned Ye Yiyi wasn’t his biological daughter… That was why he drank himself into a stupor.

“Second Aunt, you are Second Uncle’s wife… Where were you on that night?” Ye Wanwan suddenly asked Liang Meixuan.

Liang Meixuan grew infuriated instantly. “What do you mean?!”

“Meixuan, where were you?” Ye Hongwei’s gaze landed on Liang Meixuan.

“Dad… I was at a friend’s house playing mahjong all night long that day. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my friends!” Liang Meixuan said.

Ye Wanwan’s lips minutely turned up with an icy smile when she heard that.

Ye Shao’an’s death had an inescapable connection with Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang. Killing Ye Shao’an probably also wasn’t a last-minute decision, and they developed a full-blown plan ahead of time. Hence, Liang Meixuan and her co-conspirators definitely all had an alibi. It would be suspicious otherwise.

“Call the police… hurry and call the police!” Liang Meixuan urged Steward Huang in haste.

When Tan Yilan, who had just woken up, heard that, she immediately tried to stop them. “The matter hasn’t been investigated clearly yet… Don’t call the police…”

She only had two sons. Now that her second son, Ye Shao’an, was dead…

If it was really her first son, Ye Shaoting, and grandson, Ye Mufan, who killed her second son… she would lose all of her sons and sole grandson as soon as they called the police…

“Mom… the whole truth has been revealed already… Shao’an was killed by this evil father and son!” Liang Meixuan shouted.

Liang Meixuan disregarded all inhibitions and called the police herself…

Ye Hongwei didn’t say anything. His face was haggard and pale.

Soon, policemen arrived at the Ye family residence and found the murder weapons based on the surveillance footage. After running some tests, the murder weapons were teaming with Ye Shaoting and Ye Mufan’s fingerprints, as Ye Wanwan guessed.

Soon, the policemen took the murder weapons, surveillance video, Ye Shaoting, and Ye Mufan away.

Ye Mufan originally wanted to resist but gave in when he saw Ye Wanwan covertly shaking her head at him.

Immediately after, Ye Wanwan and her mother, Liang Wanjun, were kicked out of the Ye residence by Steward Huang and Liang Meixuan.

Liang Wanjun was in an utter state of panic. No matter what, she couldn’t believe that her husband and son were murderers!

“Wanwan… what should we do… how did all this happen…” Liang Wanjun was trembling and was at a complete loss.

“Mom… don’t worry. You know Dad and Brother’s characters; they absolutely wouldn’t do something like this. I’ll investigate it clearly,” Ye Wanwan kept comforting Liang Wanjun.

After escorting Liang Wanjun home and completely pacifying her mother, Ye Wanwan left and secretly set up camp near the Ye residence.

The mother and daughter pair managed to keep their calm. It wasn’t until several days later that Liang Meixuan finally left the Ye residence, but she remained vigilant and kept surveying her surroundings.

Ye Wanwan smiled when she saw that. As long as she was the culprit, then she would eventually give herself away…

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