Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1246 - Drink the strongest liquor, love the prettiest person

Chapter 1246: Drink the strongest liquor, love the prettiest person

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On the stage, the antique-style intro music finished playing.

Han Xianyu held up his microphone and started singing, “Boil a bowl of soup to clear the mind and warm the body. Blood and pain seeps a knight-errant’s bones, tasted from the shadows of their sword and saber. The world drifts pastus 1 …”

Gong Xu smiled flirtatiously at the fans. “Don’t ask who’s waiting. The second the gleaming sword pierces the air, it gently kisses your neck…”

Luo Chen sang, “Victory or defeat decided in one touch, life or death sitting an inch away. Bitterly drinking in the silent night and the breathless wind…”

Luo Chen’s reserved and restrictive personality, as well as his background in martial-art films, complimented this song well…

A glint shifted in Ye Wanwan’s eyes. “After I tear apart this universe of morning and twilight and clean the earth with my gleaming blade, I’ll drink the strongest liquor, love the prettiest person, and watch the billowing waves of the vast ocean beneath the expansive sky…”

“Ahhhh! Ye Bai! Ye Bai!”

“Marry me, goddess!”

“Brother Ye Bai, I want to warm your bed!”

“God, I want to birth mixed-sex twins for you!”

Although Ye Wanwan was currently in female clothes, screams from the girls beneath the stage weren’t lacking, and her popularity wasn’t inferior to the popularity of Han Xianyu or the other two at all.

When she finished singing “watch the billowing waves of the vast ocean beneath the expansive sky” part, Gong Xu almost forgot his next lyrics and Han Xianyu’s gaze…

Finally, the four people sang the last part together, “Mountains and rivers topple, heaven and earth collapse, but I’ll support this world with my entire life…”

The camera focused on the four people on the stage, and the shrieks and cheers beneath the stage pierced the air.

Ye Wanwan looked at Han Xianyu, Gong Xu, and Luo Chen next to her, then at Ye Mufan, Jiang Yanran, and Fei Yang beneath the stage…

Then at all of their fans…

The feeling of loss and apprehension that lingered in her heat suddenly dispersed into nothing.

So what if she wasn’t Ye Wanwan?

So what if she forgot her own self?

Everything that she experienced while living as Ye Wanwan was real. These friends, family, and people who supported her and liked her—they were all real…

Even if she hadn’t lived as herself, this period of her life was a valuable and precious part of her life. It wasn’t meaningless.

As the final chorus finished, today’s concert came to a satisfactory end.

The fans that attended their concert all reluctantly left the stadium.

On the other end of Nameless Nie’s video call, Tangtang’s gaze trailed after Ye Wanwan on the stage until her figure completely disappeared to the back of the stage. The light in his eyes also grew dimmer bit by bit.

“Ahem… It’s over…” Nameless Nie reminded him.

The little fella’s eyes longingly lingered on the empty stage. “Don’t hang up.”

Nameless Nie had no choice but to continue crouching on the wall.

An unknown amount of time passed. The stadium turned desolate and the lights dimmed, but Tangtang was still looking at the empty stage.

It was as if he could picture Mommy standing there as long as the scene was frozen there.


“Brother Ye… are you okay?” Gong Xu cautiously asked.

Han Xianyu also looked worried. “Ye Bai, do you feel unwell today?”

There was something amiss with Ye Wanwan’s state today.

Ye Wanwan shook her head and was about to say she was fine when her gaze accidentally flitted past the wall of the stadium outside the window.

Uh… why… why was there someone on that wall…

Was she delusional and mistaken? How could someone climb so high recklessly and court death?

Ye Wanwan rubbed her eyes and focused again. There was a person there indeed, and they were holding up their phone as though they were filming something.

Uh, wait a minute! That person is…

When Ye Wanwan saw who it was, she was flabbergasted.

… Nameless Nie?

This guy… Last time, he climbed a tree. This time, he actually climbed a wall…

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