Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1245 - Suddenly so gentle

Chapter 1245: Suddenly so gentle

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Brick-moving Foreigner scratched his head. “But… C-captain… We don’t have tickets. How are we supposed to enter?”

Spray of Flowers giggled. “How could such a minor matter trouble our captain?”

Nameless Nie surveyed the outside of the stadium. It was closely surrounded by a wall with several very high lampposts scattered around.

Nameless Nie jumped and leaped into the air before following the lamppost and climbing up.

Soon, Nameless Nie climbed to the top then he nimbly jumped and landed on the wall without any trouble.

His viewpoint was better than from the VIP seats!

Brick-moving Foreigner scratched his head. “Captain is… sneaking in without a ticket?”

Spray of Flowers raised his eyebrows. “Little Sweetie, we’re entering with our own abilities. How could this be called sneaking in without a ticket?”

Devotee nodded vehemently in agreement. “That’s right, that’s right!”

Iceberg man: “…”

On the stage, Han Xianyu finished singing the final song, and the venue’s atmosphere was incredibly heated.

“Ahhhhh! Xianyu! Little Angel Xianyu!”

“Xianyu, I love you!”

Han Xianyu’s face had a gentle smile as he looked at the fans hollering for him below the stage. “Finally, please welcome our special guests tonight!”

The fans’ fervor rose to a peak at Han Xianyu’s words. Nearly everyone was screaming wildly.

Calls for Gong Xu, Luo Chen, and Ye Bai rippled through the sea of fans.

Ye Wanwan led Gong Xu and Luo Chen onto the stage.

When the four people stood on the stage simultaneously, the fans nearly fainted from their emotional states.

“Ahhh! My heavenly group of breathtaking beauties is too handsome!”

“Beautiful group! Beautiful group! Beautiful group!!!”

Han Xianyu was wearing a white, elegant and gentlemanly embroidered suit, Luo Chen was wearing black Victorian-style formal attire with a high collar, and Gong Xu was wearing a brightly colored hip and fashionable outfit. They were all handsome and dashing, but they all had a distinctly different aura and personality.

As for Ye Wanwan, she was wearing female clothes on this rare occasion. But even though it was female clothes, the languidness and freeness that permeated her made the audience unable to look away. She was fatally attractive to both men and women.

Han Xianyu was currently introducing the guests to the fans. Gong Xu secretly leaned over and muttered to Ye Wanwan, “Brother Ye, won’t you sing Little Dimples? It’s such a good opportunity…”

Ye Wanwan naturally ignored him.

When Han Xianyu finished speaking, the melodious accompaniment started playing.

The viewpoint from the wall was very broad and very close to the stage, but it was a blind spot for cameras, so fans and security wouldn’t notice them at all. They also wouldn’t expect someone to have climbed up such a high wall.

When Nameless Nie saw Ye Wanwan coming up to the stage, he quickly dialed a video call.

The screen flashed, and Little Devil’s cold and aloof face appeared.

Little Devil asked, “You need something?”

Nameless Nie turned the phone around and aimed it at Ye Wanwan on the stage. “Didn’t you want to hear your mom sing? Although it’s a chorus, make do and listen to it…”

The other end of the phone grew silent when Little Devil heard his words.

Nameless Nie was about to rotate the phone to see what Little Devil was doing when he heard the child say, “Thank you, Uncle.”

Nameless Nie: “…”

Hm… Little Devil actually called me “Uncle” today… and even called me that more than once…

Little Devil is suddenly treating me so gently and kindly… I’m really not used to it…

It kind of scares me to death…

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