Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1227 - Who was she?

Chapter 1227: Who was she?

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However, she didn’t have this chunk of memory. She didn’t know Si Yehan at all at that age, so why would she lay on that bed and be injected with someone else’s memory after her memory was wiped clean through deep hypnosis?

Ye Wanwan felt her head swelling into a giant balloon. An intense lost feeling enveloped her.

Ye Wanwan could barely handle Si Yehan’s disappearance already. Now, she appeared to have discovered the secret behind her identity in Si Yehan’s study and the mastermind behind everything was none other than Si Yehan…

If the contents of the video weren’t a joke and she really wasn’t Ye Wanwan, then who was she…?

The video might look realistic, but the memories entrenched in her mind were also very realistic. Every memory from childhood to now was personally experienced by her. How could her extremely precious memories become another person’s property all of a sudden…

Ye Wanwan immediately took a deep breath and restrained her emotions. She sat behind the desk and used Si Yehan’s computer to look into everything about memory masking.

However, she only managed to find a very limited amount of information. With current technology, erasing the memory of an adult could be accomplished, but injecting another person’s memory wasn’t too realistic.

Any perfect, flawless memory injection was accompanied by an extremely large risk, and these injected memories would also have an immense bug.

If a person were to be injected with fake memories, then that person could find the holes and clues fairly easily, unless they were memories that belonged to the person themselves.

Unless the person injected with the fake memories never suspected themselves, it wouldn’t be difficult for the person to discover their fake memories the moment they started being suspicious.

There was only one plausible method to control the injected person from ever suspecting their identity: “Deep hypnosis.”

Deep hypnosis would also require “sensory memory,” “long-term memory,” as well as strong automatic mental cues, etc. If an error occurred in any of the segments, there was a large probability it would lead to the collapse of the patient’s psychological mind. It was difficult to accomplish with current technology, but theoretically, there was a larger possibility of success with deep hypnosis.

Once the deeply hypnotized person was done having their memory erased and the new memories were injected, the person absolutely wouldn’t have any suspicions about their brand new memories due to the psychological effects of the automatic cues embedded deep inside their consciousness.

Ye Wanwan felt a cold sweat drenching her entire body. If this was true, then theoretically speaking, it was entirely possible that she was merely the possessor of Ye Wanwan’s memories but wasn’t Ye Wanwan herself…

A moment later, Ye Wanwan shut the laptop.

Even if it was deep hypnosis, if the hypnotized person started being suspicious about their own identity, there would still be holes for them to find.

If she truly wasn’t Ye Wanwan, and all of her memories were forcefully injected into her through deep hypnosis under Si Yehan’s orders, there would definitely be a gigantic gap somewhere.

After all, Si Yehan and the hypnotist couldn’t possibly know every single detail about Ye Wanwan. Amongst all of the experiences in each stage of Ye Wanwan’s life, the easiest stage for a bug to be found would be her childhood memories. This included Ye Wanwan’s most favorite toy and possible crushes and so on when she was a child. No one but Ye Wanwan herself and the people closest to her would know about these kinds of matters.

If she really wasn’t Ye Wanwan, then she could definitely find a logical gap!

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