Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1226 - Doesn’t belong to herself

Chapter 1226: Doesn’t belong to herself

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“Is there a suitable candidate?” the man asked.

“There is one. It’s the person you picked earlier—Ye Wanwan. We’ve studied her. Although the two people have an age difference, Ye Wanwan’s face bears more than 90% similarity to her face. Her family background is also satisfactory, and Ye Wanwan previously died in a terrorist attack abroad,” the elderly man in white replied.

“Alright, what do I need to do?”

“Ninth Master, you just need to use your methods to wipe away the death of Ye Wanwan and keep it from her family. At that time, she will completely replace Ye Wanwan. She will become Ye Wanwan and possess all of Ye Wanwan’s memories from when she was alive,” the elderly man said.

Then the scene changed, and the backdrop of the video turned into a research facility.

A woman was laying on the bed with a pained expression. Si Yehan was kneeling next to her and occasionally caressed her hair with a turmoiled expression.

“The news has been sealed, and no one knows about Ye Wanwan’s death. You can begin.” Si Yehan looked at the elderly man.

“Ninth Master, are you certain? Once memory recombination through deep hypnosis is conducted, this girl’s original memories will be utterly destroyed. Her memory won’t recover no matter what method you use. She’ll turn into an individual with completely new memories forever. She’ll become the deceased Ye Wanwan…” The elderly man sought confirmation again.

“Begin,” Si Yehan succinctly repeated.

After obtaining confirmation from Si Ye Han, the elderly man in white nodded at his assistants and began to initiate deep hypnosis with the woman on the bed.

The video ended there.

In the study, Ye Wanwan was brimming with shock, her eyes pervaded by disbelief. She was trembling slightly and cold sweat drenched her forehead. That girl laying on the bed in the research facility was none other than herself…

The amount of information enclosed in this video was overwhelming, so Ye Wanwan was unable to process and accept it immediately.

An unknown amount of time passed before Ye Wanwan forcefully recollected her thoughts.

According to the video, Ye Wanwan died in a terrorist attack outside the country when she was 16 years old. As for herself, she was forcefully injected with all of Ye Wanwan’s memories through the method of deep hypnosis so that she could become Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan’s death was locked down by Si Yehan, so no one knew. That elderly man also said that her and Ye Wanwan’s appearance was more than 90% similar.

In other words, I’m not Ye Wanwan…

But if I’m not Ye Wanwan… who am I?!

“That’s… that’s impossible…” Ye Wanwan took a deep breath, still entrenched in disbelief.

Her parents, her family… All of her memories were forcefully injected into her… None of it belonged to her…

If she wasn’t Ye Wanwan, then who in the world was she? Who was her father, who was her mother… More than that, where did she come from?!

Why did Si Yehan destroy all of her memories and forcefully mask them with someone else’s memory so that she could take on Ye Wanwan’s identity?!

Ye Wanwan didn’t wholeheartedly believe the video yet.

Because her memories were so real. Her entire life, her dozens of years of memories—she personally experienced them herself! How could they be someone else’s memories?!

However, the events of the video were so realistic. Both Si Yehan’s tone and attitude didn’t seem fake, and Ye Wanwan also believed the girl laying on the bed of the research facility was herself…

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