Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1203 - Why did you like me?

Chapter 1203: Why did you like me?

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After Nameless Nie handed her his “alimony” and asked her for a few photos, he quickly disappeared without a trace again.

Ye Wanwan originally planned to ask him about his progress in searching for Tangtang’s biological parents but didn’t have the chance.

This guy was truly sloppy. How could he be so careless? Wasn’t he afraid she’d turn monstrous and kidnap Tangtang one day?

Ye Wanwan walked upstairs. Si Yehan had already carried Tangtang to bed, and the little fella was sound asleep.

Ye Wanwan leaned over and planted a kiss on Tangtang’s cheeks.

Meanwhile, Si Yehan pulled a first-aid kit from a drawer. “Come here.”

Ye Wanwan obediently walked to the sofa. “Okay.”

Si Yehan glanced at the blisters on her feet caused by the high heels, carefully placed her feet on his leg and applied ointment to her feet.

Ye Wanwan neither liked nor was used to wearing high heels, but she had to wear super tall high heels to put on an act that night. Hence, she felt like she was a mermaid undergoing torture the entire night.

When Si Yehan took out the pair of sandals earlier, she simply wanted to marry him!

Ye Wanwan propped up her chin and appreciated his face, which was even prettier when he was concentrating. She was thinking about this when she was suddenly hit with a sense of déjà vu…

In the silent night, the man skillfully moved as though he had helped her apply medicine countless of times. On the bed next to them, the soft little bun slept soundly.

This peaceful scene was enough to convert a prodigal and make a general shed his armor. Whether it was the world at its glory or the jianghu with its smoke and thrills, it couldn’t compare to being by his side at this moment.

Upon sensing that she was staring at him, Si Yehan glanced at her and asked, “What?”

Ye Wanwan murmured with her chin resting on her hand, “I was suddenly thinking… Back then… why did you like me?”

Si Yehan’s expression froze briefly when he heard her question. “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

“I was just curious…” Ye Wanwan mumbled. “Back then, I was kicked out of home and severed my ties to my parents. I was also fat and ugly. I didn’t have any money or looks, so why did you take a liking to me?”

She asked this question once before, but Si Yehan’s response ended up being very mystical. He said, “I only have you.”

What in the world did “I only have you” mean?

Ever since she was reborn, she had been running around for her freedom, her livelihood, and her family, so she didn’t bother to think deeply about the problems she didn’t understand.

However, this question silently crept upon her again on a night like tonight.

“Hm, I remember I asked you this same question when we were fighting a year ago. Back then, you answered… ‘I only have you’… What did that mean?” Ye Wanwan mumbled.

Through the window, the cool rays from the moonlight showered the girl’s lost and curious face.

Si Yehan looked at her lost and confused expression, and his slender figure appeared to emanate a feeling of desolation.

Ye Wanwan frowned lightly. Si Yehan’s expression made her feel like he was the only one in the entire world.

Why… does he look like this?

An unknown amount of time passed before Si Yehan finally noticed her clear and pure eyes. He slowly said, “Because, I only have you.”

Only have you… I only have you…

Ye Wanwan felt something sharp piercing her heart, and an ache spread through her heart.

As the direct eldest grandson of the Si family and the only family head, he was clearly situated in a high place with a noble status and was revered by everyone as a god.

So, why did he look like this? Why would he say… he… only had her?

Ye Wanwan became more and more lost. Could it be that she missed something in her previous life?

Or did she forget something important?

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