Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1202 - One is marked by the company one keeps

Chapter 1202: One is marked by the company one keeps

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Xu Yi: “…”

Up front in the driver’s seat, Xu Yi hastily turned off the radio. A second later, he saw this “dog-abusing” scene from the rearview mirror and was rendered utterly speechless.

Ninth Master, have you forgotten something?

Don’t only cover Young Master Tangtang’s eyes!

In the end, the ignored Xu Yi had no choice but to take action himself and he silently raised the divider, cutting off the view…

Si Yehan didn’t move his hand from Tangtang’s eyes until he detected that the child had fallen asleep already. He deepened the kiss at the same time…

Ye Wanwan’s lips might feel cool, but her cheeks were boiling.

Too astonishing!

Did he just… hit on me?

Si Yehan actually hit on me! With an extremely smooth technique too!

Meeting Ye Wanwan’s large, round eyes and fixed gaze, Si Yehan was forced to stop the kiss. He asked with an exasperated expression, “What’s with your face?”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes were glittering as she said, “Ah-Jiu, Ah-Jiu, have you noticed? You actually know how to hit on girls! Plus, your sweet talk skills have been lit to the max! Your EQ improved in leaps and bounds! Did you secretly join some training class that improves your EQ?”

Si Yehan’s face darkened slightly. He gripped her chin and fiercely bit her lips before saying through gritted teeth, “One is marked by the company one keeps.”

Ye Wanwan blinked and thought, ‘There’s… nothing wrong with this answer! 

It must’ve been inspired by me…

One is marked by the company one keeps!

Half an hour later, the car finally reached the Little House of Rose.

Si Yehan took Tangtang from Ye Wanwan’s arms, and the family of three got out of the car.

Old Jiang was standing by the door and welcomed them inside.

Si Yehan first carried Tangtang upstairs. Ye Wanwan caught a giant box sitting in the living room from her periphery and asked with a frown, “What is this?”

Old Jiang honestly reported, “Master, we received a fridge again today.”

Old Jiang looked confused, evidently not understanding why his master bought so many household appliances for nothing.

They received a lot of fridges, televisions, washing machines, and etc. this month already.

Ye Wanwan was at a loss of words when she heard this.

That guy, Nameless Nie. Enough already!

How many fridges, televisions and washing machines did he send here?

And he insists that his principles prohibit him from accepting anything that isn’t obtained honestly? What’s the difference between his current actions and robbery?

Why haven’t the crew of the show beat him to death yet?

“Alright, got it. Help me find a random storage facility and put it there for now!”

Later, she would ask if any of her friends wanted it. If they did, she would give it to them. If not, she would sell it.

Ye Wanwan was about to go upstairs when her phone rang. It was a message from the periodically missing Nameless Nie.

Nameless Nie appeared to be very busy lately and couldn’t be reached often. When he rarely returned to the grid, it was to ask for photos of Tangtang in order to stay alive.

[Nie Hollow Pit: Sister Famous Ye, did you get the fridge?]

[Famous Ye: I got it…]

[Nie Hollow Pit: That’s good, that’s good. Ah, this is probably the last time I’ll send you alimony…]

Ye Wanwan was about to tell him to stop sending appliances to her, but when she saw this message, she typed: [Famous Ye: What is it?”]

[Nie Hollow Pit: I’ve been banned by all the shows. These shows are such frauds! How could they not follow the rules? They said the winner would get the prize! So how could they ban me from participating altogether?]

[Famous Ye: …]

Ye Wanwan was rendered speechless.

Who else would they ban other than you? It’s already quite nice that they didn’t beat you to death!

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