Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1156 - Unshakably confident

Chapter 1156: Unshakably confident

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Meanwhile, the production crew acted like they wanted the whole world to be in chaos and purposefully had the cameraman turn the camera to Ye Wanwan, as though they wanted to capture Ye Bai’s loss of composure.

Unfortunately, the languid and serene expression on Ye Wanwan’s face never changed and she calmly glanced at the camera lens focused on her, showing a light smile.

When that smile was displayed on the giant screen in the venue, everyone’s gasps could be heard.

“So… so handsome…” a female artist muttered quietly.

“That’s Ye Bai? Being a manager is truly a pity with a face like his!”

Cai Yongsheng looked at how Ye Bai pretended to be uncaring on the screen and inwardly sneered.

Already at his grave and still acting pretentious!

Punk, when you have no way out, you’ll still have to obediently crawl back and beg me on your knees to save you!

The award ceremony continued.

The following major awards to be presented were Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

Both of these popular major awards ended up in the hands of Worldwide Entertainment. Then, Worldwide Entertainment also obtained Best Cinematography and Best Original Score…

Worldwide gained great momentum in the beginning, so Chu Hongguang’s grin nearly covered his entire face. He was obviously very satisfied.

As for Emperor Sky Entertainment, Ye Yiyi remained unperturbed and looked unshakably confident.

After all, the real major awards hadn’t been awarded yet.

On stage, the host was announcing the winner of the Best Adapted Screenplay—

“The winner of the Best Adapted Screenplay is… Rong Junwei!!!”

Applause roared through the venue and everyone congratulated Rong Junwei and his cast and crew. The image on the big screen also cut to Ye Yiyi and Ling Shaozhe.

Rong Junwei was a renowned producer. The work that made his name back then, That Summer , was popular throughout China. This time, Ye Yiyi only managed to invite him out of semi-retirement through Gu Yueze’s connections.

With such a strong producer and crew, it was unavoidable for Ling Shaozhe to become popular.

How ironic was it that Emperor Sky, who had a dispute with a screenwriter due to screenplay problems not too long ago, managed to win Best Adapted Screenplay?

It was evident that Emperor Sky Entertainment wanted to sanitize their names through the Golden Orchid Awards, and they had indeed succeeded.

Upon seeing That Summer winning an award, Liu Qing and his companions’ moods turned solemn.

Gong Xu couldn’t help but roast them. “Just a screenplay award! What’s so great about it?! Ling Shaozhe didn’t even get a nomination!”

However, Ye Wanwan understood full well that Ling Shaozhe didn’t need to win any award himself. He merely needed to ride on the tailwinds of That Summer .

“The winner… of this year’s Golden Orchid Award for Best Director is… the director of Luoshen’s Legend , Ren Zi’an! Director Ren, congratulations!”

Soon, another film from Emperor Sky Entertainment, Luoshen’s Legend , defeated its opponents and obtained Best Director Award…

Luoshen’s Legend was the film Emperor Sky Entertainment had used to shoot for the major awards this year. It was nominated for many awards, including Best Film and Best Director. The actor for the male lead, Pei Heng, was also nominated for Best Actor.

A dance and song performance started on the stage. After a short break, the ceremony continued.

Ye Mufan’s complexion looked awful by this point. “The next award is Best Film…”

On stage, the guest presenter announced, “The winner of Best Film is…Luoshen’s Legend !!!”

It was Luoshen again…

When Ye Mufan heard the film’s name, his heart sunk to the bottom of the valley.

Best Novice, Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Actress—these five awards were the most important awards.

Now, Worldwide Entertainment obtained a Best Novice while Emperor Sky Entertainment obtained two major awards already, Best Director and Best Film.

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