Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1155 - Why is it so gentle

Chapter 1155: Why is it so gentle

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It was Jiang Yanran calling.

When Ye Wanwan saw the caller ID, her eyes turned warmer. She glanced in the direction Jiang Yanran was sitting before picking up the call. “Hello?”

As soon as Gong Xu heard this “Hello,” his ears perked up. “There’s something fishy! How strange! Why is Brother Ye’s ‘Hello’ so gentle?”

“…” Luo Chen didn’t want to talk to him.

It was just a normal “Hello” — what was strange about it?

Jiang Yanran was currently carefully turning her head to look behind her. When she heard Ye Bai’s voice, her tone became excited. “Wanwan! Wanwan! Are you here yet? Why can’t I see you?”

Ye Wanwan answered, “I’m here. I’m a few rows behind you, but I can see you.”

“Really? That’s great!” Jiang Yanran instantly relaxed.

“Yes, I’m here. Don’t be nervous.”

“En en…”

Ye Wanwan said a few more words before hanging up. After an unintentional turn of her head, she saw that Gong Xu’s face was almost plastered to her phone.

Ye Wanwan’s expression darkened.

Gong Xu looked at her expectantly. “Brother Ye, who were you on the phone with?! Why were you talking so gently?”

“No one, just a friend.”

“A friend…”

Weird, was there something wrong with his sixth sense? Why did he feel like Brother Ye had a “lover” outside…

“Ladies and gentlemen, dear esteemed guests, greetings! Welcome to tonight’s Golden Orchid Awards…”

As arousing music played in the background, the host on the stage announced that the award ceremony of the Golden Orchid Awards was officially commencing.

Everyone’s gaze instantly shot toward the stage.

After the opening remarks and performance finished, the long-awaited grandiose occasion of the entertainment industry finally pulled up its curtains.

The ceremony started with minor categories like Best Visual Effects, Best Production Design, and Best Motion Design to liven up the venue.

15 minutes later, the first popular category was brought up—Golden Orchid Awards’ Best Novice Award!

On stage, the award presenter’s personality was a bit energetic. After keeping the audience guessing for half a day, they finally announced the winner of the award: “The winner of the Golden Orchid Awards’ Best Novice Award goes to… the brightest new star of Dazzling Media this year… Cui Mingqian! Congratulations!”

Thunderous applause accompanied the presenter’s announcement of the winner’s name. The audience all gave their congratulations.

Cui Mingqian cried on the spot and hugged his manager, Cai Yongsheng, along with the cast and crew members near him. He was immensely emotional.

In the front-most seats designated for the higher-ups of the industry, Chu Hongguang nodded with obvious satisfaction.

He was the one who piled all the resources and helped Cai Yongsheng build up Cui Mingqian at a deficit cost.

After Ye Bai left, all sorts of rumors arose. People said Chu Hongguang sent his own relative to shove Ye Bai away, leading to a decline at Dazzling Media. How could he allow his pride to be trampled by everyone?

Hence, even if he knew Cai Yongsheng was good-for-nothing, he had to elevate Cai Yongsheng.

Reality proved him right—surviving in this industry required not only talent and capability. After Ye Bai left Worldwide, Ye Bai returned to nothing. His fate after conning away Luo Chen and Gong Xu was the best warning to the other celebrities under Worldwide.

As Cai Yongsheng watched his artist returning to his seat after accepting the trophy, he was high-spirited. He “nonchalantly” glanced in the direction of Ye Wanwan and her group.

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