Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1145 - If our luck was good

Chapter 1145: If our luck was good

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They naturally started talking about films at the dinner table.

Liang Meixuan placated the two elders with a proud expression from start to finish. “Every film Emperor Sky Entertainment invested in was a big hit. Also, Emperor Sky dominated a majority of the most probable and hottest winners of the Golden Orchids! Dad, Mom, don’t be worried at all! Emperor Sky will become better and better in Yiyi and Shao’an’s hands!”

When Ye Hongwei and Tan Yilan heard that, they looked very happy.

“Mom, stop praising me! I still have many things to learn from Grandpa!”

Ye Yiyi said a few more humble sentences before turning to look at Ye Mufan. She asked amiably, “Mufan, I heard the box office performance for your film wasn’t too great? We’re family, so let me know if you need any help.”

Liang Meixuan sneered. “Yiyi, don’t bother. They don’t care about the box office! Both of their male leads are finalists for the Golden Orchid Awards! As long as one of them wins, their earnings will grow exponentially!”

When Ye Hongwei heard that, he pensively said, “I saw the finalists for this year’s Golden Orchid Awards. The other films are from famous directors, so competition is fierce. I’m afraid the chances of winning aren’t huge, but it’s already great that you made it to the finals! Keep working hard!”

Although Ye Hongwei didn’t say much and merely said a few words of encouragement, his disappointment was unavoidable.

He was well aware that Ye Mufan’s little company wouldn’t survive for long if this film couldn’t obtain a proper amount of profit.

In comparison to Yiyi, these two other children were still too inferior…

Ye Mufan nodded. “Yes, Grandpa, I’ll do my best.”

After eating dinner, Ye Mufan and Ye Wanwan left the old residence together.

Suddenly, Ye Wanwan’s phone starting ringing.

It was Jiang Yanran calling.

Ye Wanwan picked up the call and promptly congratulated with a smile, “Hey, Yanran, congratulations!”

“Wanwan, why couldn’t I reach you earlier?” Jiang Yanran complained.

“Sorry, sorry. I was in the mountains these past two days, so the signal wasn’t too great. I just flew back today and have been busy until now.”

Jiang Yanran didn’t truly mind, so she asked excitedly, “Wanwan, did you see yet? I made it to the finals! I’m a candidate for the Golden Orchid Awards’ Best Actress!”

“Yes, I saw! You’re awesome! I was going to call you when I got home!”

Ye Wanwan was thankfully cautious earlier, so no one knew Jiang Yanran belonged to her. Hence, Jiang Yanran’s journey was very successful from shooting to promotion. The film’s box office performance and reputation were also quite good and the film was one of the hottest contenders for an award.

“I’m glad I didn’t disappoint you. It’s just that the competition is too intense. I’m not sure if I’ll win.”

“This is your first film, so it’s already great that you made it to the finals. This is a very good starting point,” Ye Wanwan said with encouragement.

Jiang Yanran asked nervously, “Wanwan, you’ll come to the award ceremony, right? Oh, right, Gong Xu and Luo Chen also made it to the finals, so you’ll definitely attend!”

“I will. I’m going.”

Only then did Jiang Yanran relax. “That’s good. I won’t feel scared with you there. This is my first time attending this kind of event, after all.”

Ye Wanwan chatted with Jiang Yanran for a while and told her some things to pay attention to before hanging up.

After Ye Wanwan hung up the phone, she turned to look at the fretting Ye Mufan. “Enough, enough, don’t look so awful. Yanran is also a nominee! Three of our people made it to the finals. Based on the probability, our chances of winning an award are large. If our luck is good, perhaps we can even monopolize both Best Actress and Best Actor. Then you can lord it over Liang Meixuan and the others!”

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