Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1144 - In quite a good mood

Chapter 1144: In quite a good mood

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Ye Mufan sighed on the other end of the phone. “It’s only been an hour, but our official website nearly crashed from the overload of insults… Our official Weibo account made a post telling them to watch the film before saying anything, but it was utterly useless.”

Ye Wanwan said, “They have a fixed impression of Gong Xu, and we’re Gong Xu’s company, so it’s pointless no matter what we say.”

Ye Mufan’s tone was serious as he said, “Wanwan, our current situation is pretty awful. We… are basically being boycotted… I contacted many partners in the past few days, but not a single one is willing to work with us. That bastard, Ye Shao’an, must’ve secretly done something.”

Their grandfather promised Ye Mufan that he would recover his right of inheritance if he could show off some achievements. Hence, Ye Yiyi and Ye Shao’an were besieging them from all sides this time. Combined with Worldwide Entertainment’s occasional ploys, their current situation ended up being very perilous.

If they couldn’t overcome this barrier, their company might have to close.

Ye Wanwan said, “Don’t fret too much. Didn’t Luo Chen and Gong Xu get nominated?”

Now that things turned out like this, Ye Mufan couldn’t help being a little irritable. He answered hotly, “So what if they were nominated?! Everything is useless if they don’t win! We allocated all our funds to this film. If things continue like this without any profits, our company is done for!”

He made a flurry of phone calls in the past few days and asked for help everywhere, but no fruits were borne.

He contacted Hou Chongliang, the director for Date with a Superstar and asked if he could put the deleted 10 minutes into the next episode but was told that the footage had been erased already.

Ye Wanwan asked, “Brother Ye, do you believe in me?”

“Of course… I do…”

“Then don’t give up until the very last second, alright?”

Ye Wanwan’s voice flowed across his heart like a cool stream, pacifying Ye Mufan for some reason. “Wanwan, sorry, I was too brash. We’re still young. So what if we fail? The worst case scenario is that we’ll have to start again from the beginning!”

“That’s the right mindset!” Ye Wanwan chuckled lightly.

After conversing with Ye Wanwan, Ye Mufan finally calmed down. “That’s right. Grandfather wants us to come for dinner tomorrow night.”

“Alright, got it. If we return tomorrow morning, I’ll make it.”

The next day, at the Ye family’s old residence:

As soon as Liang Meixuan saw Ye Mufan, she said with a laugh, “My my, our Eldest Young Master Ye is back! You look like you’re in quite a good mood? I heard your film was nominated for the Golden Orchid Awards? Congratulations!”

Although Liang Meixuan was congratulating them, her tone was bursting with ridicule.

They might’ve gotten onto the finalist list, but who didn’t know they were just there as participants for the race? Plus, the internet was slinging them with insults, and their box office performance was a tragic spectacle.

Based on the current situation, Ye Mufan’s first film was a crushing defeat. It truly suited his title as a worthless idiot.

After being counseled by Ye Wanwan, Ye Mufan lost all of his previous irritability and said with a grin, “You’re too polite, Second Aunt. Naturally, I’m in a good mood. No one has gotten double Best Actors in the history of the Golden Orchid Awards. Emperor Sky and Worldwide have been established for so many years but still haven’t accomplished it. If my artists obtain double Best Actor, I’m afraid it would send a tornado through the entire entertainment industry and leave a mark in film history. The box office is absolutely minor compared to that.”

When Liang Meixuan heard that, she snorted. “What? Double Best Actor? The committee of judges just thinks the script you stole from Emperor Sky is decent. It’s already generous of them to allow you to make it to the finals as consolation. You actually want to win double Best Actor? I think you’ve gone mad! You’re truly too egotistical!”

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