Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1125 - Mom! HELP!!!

Chapter 1125: Mom! HELP!!!

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Everyone: “…”

Ouch, that stings, captain.

Captain! Can you please stop talking?

Hey, can you give us some hope to live?!

Why do we feel like we were called here to be punching bags?

In the private room of the bar, everyone had fun and relaxed that night. The end-of-filming banquet eventually came to an end.

People bid their farewells one after the other. Ye Wanwan, Gong Xu, Luo Chen, Han Xianyu, and Ye Mufan all waited on the side of the road for their car to pick them up.

Gong Xu was completely drunk. The more he drank, the more annoying he became.

It took both Luo Chen and Han Xianyu to carry Gong Xu.

“Brother Ye, let’s PK! Let’s fight! Brothers who haven’t fought aren’t true brothers! Didn’t you say you liked to fight whenever you drink too much…”

A certain wolfdog had no idea he was walking to his grave.

Ye Wanwan leaned against Ye Mufan’s shoulders. Her inebriated eyes brightened a few degrees. “You… want to fight with me?”

“Right! Come on, come on! I’m super awesome now!” Gong Xu was extraordinarily proud.

Gong Xu was full of brute force after consuming alcohol, so he quickly shrugged off Luo Chen and Han Xianyu and sprang toward Ye Wanwan.

Although Ye Wanwan couldn’t walk straight due to her intoxication, she was unbelievably agile when Gong Xu attacked. With a tiny shift, she dodged his attack.

A blur dashed across Gong Xu’s eyes, and Gong Xu discovered Ye Wanwan had disappeared. He instantly became flustered. “D*mn… Doesn’t count… I drank too much… so my eyes are blurry…”

Gong Xu continued to deliver punches to Ye Wanwan.

However, it was like Ye Wanwan could predict his next moves and dodge them every time. Several dozens of moves later, Gong Xu hadn’t managed to touch even a corner of Ye Wanwan’s clothes. Instead, he ended up exhausted and gasping for air.

Ye Mufan was planning on pulling Gong Xu away, but when he saw that Gong Xu was at a complete disadvantage, he decided to watch the show from the sidelines. Wanwan had practiced martial arts before and was quite good at it, so she shouldn’t have any problems dodging Gong Xu’s attacks.

On the other hand, surprise flickered through Luo Chen’s face. Ye Bai looked too refined normally, like an aristocratic young master who led a pampered life. Luo Chen hadn’t known Ye Bai was this skilled at martial arts.

Although Gong Xu was drunk, his fighting skills were enough to handle normal people after his training. However, he couldn’t even land a single hit on Ye Bai.

Gong Xu was unwilling to accept this. He turned braver with each failure. “Ahhh! I refuse to accept it! I’ll beat you up!”

After fighting Gong Xu for a while, Ye Wanwan looked bored and impatient. When she saw Gong Xu attacking again, she pursed her lips. This time, she didn’t dodge and swung her fist instead—

In the next second, there was a resounding “bang”!

Ye Wanwan’s fist brushed past Gong Xu and smashed onto the giant Land Rover off-road vehicle behind Gong Xu like a clap of thunder…

Her fair and dainty hand forcefully created a large crater on the hood of the off-road vehicle. Immediately after, a puff of dark smoke rose from the hood. Even the engine was damaged…

Gong Xu: “…”

Luo Chen: “…”

Han Xian Yu: “…”

Ye Mufan: “…” What the h*ll is this?

When Gong Xu heard the loud sound, he reflexively turned around and looked.

Gong Xu stared at the smoking hood with its large dent in a daze and instantly sobered up.

After being dumbstruck for one second, two seconds, three seconds, Gong Xu screeched like a startled cat. He dashed behind Luo Chen and wrapped himself around Luo Chen.

Mom! HELP!!!

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