Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1124 - My behavior when I'm drunk isn't too good

Chapter 1124: My behavior when I’m drunk isn’t too good

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Ye Mufan had just returned from the restroom when he saw that Gong Xu was asking for disaster again. He instantly picked Gong Xu up and shoved him to the side. “What are you doing?! If you want to be crazy, go somewhere else! Don’t stick to my Ye Bai!”

Han Xianyu breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Ye Mufan had returned.

Gong Xu: “Nonsense! Brother Ye is clearly mine!”

Ye Mufan: “Pft, yours? How delusional you are!”

Gong Xu thought about it before settling for second best. “Then… then I’m Brother Ye’s!”

Ye Mufan: “…”

Could this guy be any more shameless?!

Seriously, as soon as Ye Mufan thought about how Wanwan was going to tell Gong Xu the truth after the Golden Orchid Awards, he got riled up.

Gong Xu already acted like that when Wanwan was pretended to be a man! Who knew what he would do when he found out Wanwan was a woman?!

In the beginning, Ye Wanwan restrained herself from drinking too much. But when the atmosphere turned lively later on, she accidentally exceeded the limits of “a tiny bit.”

However, it wasn’t like qualifiers like “a tiny bit,” “a bit,” and “suitable amount” had a quantifiable definition, so she could interpret it however she wanted.

Ye Mufan saw that Ye Wanwan was so happy on such a rare occasion, and she had all her friends there. Plus, he was there, so nothing could happen. So, he allowed Ye Wanwan to drink as much as she wished.

Gong Xu plastered himself to Ye Wanwan like superglue. “Brother Ye, come, drink! Keep drinking!”

Ye Wanwan was already tipsy by now. She raised her brows with a hint of inebriation on her face and languidly said, “Baby Xu, I suggest you refrain from courting disaster. I heard… my behavior when I’m drunk isn’t too good. When I drink too much, I like to hit people…”

Han Xianyu: “Cough… This… I can attest to her terrible drunk behavior.”

Gong Xu was completely nonchalant. “That’s great! I like having you hit me!”

Fei Yang, the onlooker: “…”

Fei Yang seriously suspected Gong Xu had turned gay…

However, even if it was true, it was no wonder with Ye Bai’s looks, tsk tsk…

Hold on! His Xianyu treated Ye Bai so gently and specially… Could he also be…

A chilly feeling instantly surged through Fei Yang’s body.

He can’t! He can’t! I must give him a thorough reminder later! He can’t err!

At the same time, Si Yehan’s troop of cars was already parked close to the bar.

Si Yehan, Xu Yi, and Eleven were sitting in the car in the front while the hidden bodyguards all sat in the two cars at the back.

A slender youth secretly left the car and ran to a supermarket. He came running back shortly after.

“Did you buy it, did you buy it?” everyone asked with haste.

“I bought it! I bought it! I bought three cups! The owner said this sobering tea was especially effective!” the slender youth hurriedly said.

“Ah, just the sobering tea alone won’t do, alright? I heard that milk was also good! Did you buy some milk?”

“That’s right! There’s also honey! I did a little searching just now. They say that tomatoes, grapes, and watermelons are also good. Why don’t we buy a little of each too…”

Everyone talked at once and gave their suggestions. Sweat drenched their foreheads as though this was a matter of life or death.

Suddenly, Feng Xuanyi interjected stutteringly, “N-not enough… These i-items just e-ease discomfort… They c-can only soothe h-hangover headaches and dizziness… They c-can’t sober s-someone up.”

Everyone: “…”

Everyone felt like heaven was crashing down on them.

No! Is our only option waiting for death…?

“Calm down, don’t panic! We have Ninth Master! Ninth Master is here! Ninth Master will handle it! We’ll be fine!” The slender youth tried to pacify everyone.

Feng Xuanyi: “N-ninth Master… s-spoils Miss Wanwan t-too much… I… I think… the p-probability of h-him watching M-Miss Wanwan hitting us f-from the side-sidelines… is v-very high…”

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