Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1101 - Hiding a woman inside?

Chapter 1101: Hiding a woman inside?

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“Then what do I need to prepare right now?” Jiang Yanran asked nervously.

“I’ll first send your information to the crew and help you register. You shouldn’t have any problems signing up to audition with your grades at Imperial Films. Then I’ll send the script and the related information to you, so study it well. Ask me anything you don’t understand. The dancing shouldn’t be hard for you, so you just need to practice a bit later,” Ye Wanwan instructed.

Jiang Yanran bobbed her head. “Yes, got it! I understand!”

“Do your best and don’t be nervous! It’s okay even if you don’t pass. Just consider it a valuable learning experience.”


After the matter was dealt with, Ye Wanwan started making arrangements for Jiang Yanran’s audition.

As she expected, the registration was a success, and she quickly received confirmation from the crew about the location and time for the audition and also sent them a simple script and some related information.

Ye Wanwan skimmed over everything, and her expression became serious. The name of Jasmine’s female protagonist was Lin Moli 1 , and Lin Moli’s character wasn’t that simple. In the beginning, she was a naive girl, but after the war broke out, she lost her memory during the chaos and become another person…

What was hard was the storyline after Lin Moli lost her memory and the series of complicated emotional turmoil that was caused by the clashing of conflicting memories.

It looked like Ye Wanwan had to take some more time to study it. Since she only had a rough synopsis of the script right now, she planned to find similar movies and use them as references before seeking out Jiang Yanran and helping her prepare.

For the next few days, Ye Wanwan prepared for the Jasmine audition. Everything was also smooth sailing with Gong Xu and Luo Chen, except for Gong Xu’s demonic mantras that assaulted her ears for five minutes every day.

Late at night, Ye Wanwan glanced at the time on her phone, and her brows furrowed.

Si Yehan hadn’t returned yet.

Si Yehan appeared to be very busy recently. Because he was busy late into the night and was afraid of disturbing her and Tangtang, he had been living at Jin Garden the last few days.

That guy… how can he bounce back into his old habits as soon as his body gets slightly better…

Ye Wanwan kissed Tangtang’s forehead before lightly getting up and changing.

She couldn’t put her mind to rest no matter what, so she decided to drive to Jin Garden.

Shortly, the car arrived at the entrance.

Under the moonlight, Ye Wanwan saw that all the flowers, fruits, and vegetables she planted in the garden were growing well, and their fresh fragrance permeated the air.

Although they didn’t seem to match the elegant villa, they were thriving nicely and added some life to the place.

Ye Wanwan pulled her jacket tightly before walking to the front door.

When Ye Wanwan approached the front door of the main building, her face drastically changed, and she subconsciously halted.

Aside from the clean smell from the plants in the garden, she could detect a faint coppery smell in the air the closer she got to the front door…

The smell of blood…

The face of Xu Yi, who had been guarding the front door, was seen as soon as he saw Ye Wanwan. “Miss… Miss Wanwan… why are you here?!”

Ye Wanwan could detect something amiss with Xu Yi’s expression and suspiciously asked, “I’m not allowed to be here?”

What was Si Yehan doing inside in the middle of the night with Xu Yi guarding the doors?

Xu Yi quickly replied, “No, I meant it’s already so late, so why did you come over at this time of the night? Was there something urgent…”

“I was just worried about him. I was afraid he’d forget about his health again when he got busy,” Ye Wanwan said as she walked inside the house.

However, Xu Yi reflexively stepped forward to block Ye Wanwan. “Miss Wanwan, please wait…”

Ye Wanwan lifted her brows when she saw this. “Steward Xu, why are you acting so guilty? Is Si Yehan hiding a woman inside?”

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