Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1100 - I'm willing to allow it

Chapter 1100: I’m willing to allow it

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Ye Wanwan gave them a rough explanation of the matter.

“So it’s like that… But… since you’re so pretty, it’s much safer for you to dress as a guy! Mr. Si must’ve been worried about you before!” Jiang Yanran nodded in understanding.

Chu Feng blinked and quietly mumbled, “Actually, it isn’t necessarily safe for men these days either…”

Jiang Yanran: “Chu Feng, what did you say?”

“Nothing, nothing! I said that if we wanted to see our idol in the future, can’t we just have Sister Wanwan dress as a guy when she comes to eat with us?” Chu Feng exclaimed excitedly.

Jiang Yanran: “Oh, that’s right!”

Ye Wanwan: “… that’s technically true.”

After half a day of turmoil, Jiang Yanran and Chu Feng finally finished calming down.

Ye Wanwan sighed. “Are you calm now? Can we talk official business now?”

Jiang Yanran raised her hand. “Wanwan, I-I still have something to say!”

“What is it?”

“I just wanted to say something!”

Ye Wanwan asked, “What?”

Jiang Yanran cried, “Why didn’t Auntie give birth to you as a guy? Ah, so heartbreaking…”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. “Enough already, you. Your Chu Feng’s heart is gonna ache.”

Chu Feng sniffed and murmured, “If it’s Sister Wanwan, I’ll allow it…”

What use was it for him to object! Such a terrifying love rival!

Ye Wanwan: “…”

“Alright, I’m calm, I’m calm. What did you want to say, Wanwan?” Jiang Yanran seriously awaited what she had to say.

Ye Wanwan sternly asked, “Yanran, do you know Director Peng Yuanhu’s new movie?”

Jiang Yanran thought about it. “Peng Yuanhu’s new move? You mean… Jasmine?”

“That’s right.”

Jiang Yanran nodded. “Of course I know about it. I heard he couldn’t find a suitable female lead after half a year so he hasn’t started shooting yet! Wanwan, why do you ask?”

“Director Peng is going to hold an audition for the female lead at all the major theater schools. I suggest you audition,” Ye Wanwan got straight to the point.

“Me?” Surprise filled Jiang Yanran’s face. “That’s Director Peng Yuanhu’s movie! How could I successfully audition? I definitely won’t make it!”

Ye Wanwan solemnly said, “Believe me. Your abilities and fundamentals alone are enough. Plus, I also studied the movie’s script, and every aspect of it suits you.”

Jiang Yanran was still hesitant. “But… The A-listers and super A-listers who auditioned before all didn’t pass, so how could a student who hasn’t even started her career like me…”

“The fact that you haven’t been contaminated by the entertainment industry is one of your biggest advantages. If what Director Peng wanted was those superstars who carry their own popularity, why didn’t he choose them earlier? They didn’t pass the audition, which means Director Peng doesn’t want that kind of female lead,” Ye Wanwan said logically.

Jiang Yanran still wavered. “But… can I really…?”

Although Jiang Yanran was very outstanding, her personality was still a bit soft since she was overprotected and hadn’t gone out into the real world yet.

Ye Wanwan was silent for a moment. Then she thought of something and her eyes shifted. She switched to Ye Bai’s voice and gently said, “How about you try it out regardless of whether you succeed or not? Consider it an experience! Hm? Will you go?”

Jiang Yanran started before promptly blurting, “I’ll go!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

The draw of an idol… was very powerful as expected…

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