Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1082 - : Strict upbringing, huh?

Chapter 1082: Strict upbringing, huh?

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At the same time, at Sandalwood Villa:

Ye Wanwan needed to go to the film crew in the morning, so Si Yehan brought Tangtang over first and ran into Lin Que and Xie Zhezhi, who came to relax as well.

Since they had never seen Si Yehan caring for a child, they found it too novel and shamelessly stuck to him.

Xie Zhezhi was playing with his phone, bored, when he suddenly revealed an interested expression. “Ah-Jiu, I saw something fun, do you want to see?”

Si Yehan ignored him without surprise.

“Your Little Ye is here too!” Xie Zhezhi added.

Only then did Si Yehan look over.

As soon as Lin Que heard this, he also joined the party. “Eh, he’s that actor under Ye Wanwan, right?”

On the phone screen, the fancily dressed actor showed up in front of Ye Wanwan and asked, “Brother, brother, can I hit on you?”

Lin Que immediately spat out his water. He didn’t expect to see such an explosive scene unpredictably?

In his surprise, he saw Ye Wanwan answer without any hesitation, “I already have a partner. Thanks.”

Xie Zhezhi sardonically glanced at Si Yehan. “Pft, strict upbringing, huh?”

Lin Que pursed his lips. “It’s more like she has a strong desire for survival!”

“What are these?” Si Yehan asked when he saw the presents flooding the livestream.

Xie Zhezhi answered, “Oh, these. These are the fans’ gifts. The most expensive is a yacht. It requires 13140 gems, which in Chinese Yuan is…”

Currently, the fans were nearly going crazy from how hard they flooded the bullet screen.

[Hahahaha, Baby Xu actually failed! Ah, this little big brother has a very individual personality!]

[Ahhh! Who is this little big brother?! He’s too handsome!]

[I know, I know! He’s Gong Xu’s manager, Brother Ye Bai! I saw their company’s group photo last time! He’s super, super handsome!]

[Baby Xu, please give more screen time to Little Big Brother Ye Bai!]

[Ahhh, so unfortunate! Little big brother actually has a girlfriend already! His girlfriend must’ve rescued the galaxy!]

Everyone flooded the livestream room with comments about wanting to see Ye Bai.

Suddenly, a special effect exploded in the livestream room—someone gifted a yacht! Then, soon after, yachts flooded the screen one after another.

The entire room erupted again.

A whale actually sent 10 yachts in a row!

[D*mn, d*mn! Where did this whale come from! 10 yachts?! Too terrifying!]

[Their ID is “S9,” but I’ve never seen this ID nor is it on the whale chart! I think it’s a newly registered account!]

Gong Xu stared at the ID and mumbled with a frown, “Who is this? I don’t think it’s my fan…”

Fans typically liked to use their idol’s photos or the fan group’s icon as their profile icon. Moreover, the diehard fans used IDs like “A Kiss for Baby Xu,” “Love Xu” or the like, so this ID was extremely peculiar.

When Ye Wanwan accidentally saw the ID, her brows raised instantly.

S9… Ninth Si… Si Yehan?

But why would Si Yehan watch something like a livestream and also send gifts?

“No more! No more! Today’s livestream will end here!” Upon seeing that his fans all wanted to see Ye Bai, Gong Xu had Dong Zai turn the livestream offline.

“That fan just now…” Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin.

Gong Xu ran over and asked, “What fan?”

“The fan who sent the yachts just now… I think it’s my boyfriend!”

Gong Xu’s face turned as black as the bottom of a pan…

Why do I have to suffer a public display of affections from two men?!

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