Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1081 - Can I hit on you?

Chapter 1081: Can I hit on you?

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Soon, the campus portion of “A Life and Death Struggle” came to an end. Today marked the final scene in the campus portion.

The director, Liu Qing, said worriedly, “Director Ye, I’m afraid… the latter scenes won’t be easy to shoot! Are you sure Gong Xu can act them well?”

This film signified whether he could reverse his fate, so he naturally attached great importance to this too.

Liu Qing was previously an actor. Although he worked incredibly hard, his appearance wasn’t remarkable so he couldn’t climb up the ladder and could only dwell in the lowest rung of the entertainment industry.

Later, he had no choice but to change careers and become a director behind the scenes.

Liu Qing was inherently talented and also worked hard. After he switched careers, he shot a few art films that garnered decent ratings but didn’t explode in popularity, so he spent all of his savings that he amassed when he was an actor.

Ye Wanwan had seen Liu Qing’s films before and knew he was very capable, but unfortunately, he didn’t know how to choose a good screenplay and actors. Although he didn’t choose a good screenplay the past few times, there were also issues with the actors.

Global Entertainment had reconciled with them on the surface but kept setting up obstructions for them secretly. Hence, it was difficult for them to find a suitable director, and they weren’t capable of inviting famous directors. Ye Wanwan took a long time searching before she found Liu Qing.

Thankfully, Liu Qing was very professional during the shooting which proved she hadn’t misjudged him.

Ye Wanwan said, “It’ll be fine, Director Liu. Finish shooting this initial portion first. I will take Gong Xu and Luo Chen for special training next week, and we’ll continue shooting after we return. You can examine the effects then.”

Liu Qing might be worried, but he nodded upon seeing Ye Wanwan’s confident expression. “Alright, I understand.”

A little distance away, Gong Xu had just finished shooting a scene. He was taking advantage of his break to run around with his phone and do mysterious things.

He had Dong Zai hold his phone for him and sprinted toward Han Xianyu. “Tell me. Who is more handsome—Han Xianyu or me?”

Han Xianyu saw that Gong Xu appeared to be holding a livestream with the fans on his phone, so he chuckled lightly and waved to the fans in the livestream as he greeted, “Hello, everyone!”

[Ahhhh! Han Xianyu! It’s Han Xianyu! My god! Little Angel Xianyu is too handsome!]

When Gong Xu saw the barrage of comments on the bullet screen, his face darkened. “Hey! Just whose fans are you! Tell me who’s more handsome!”

[You’re handsome, you’re handsome! Baby Xu, you’re the most handsome! Don’t be jealous, ok? We want to see Luo Chen! Luo Chen! Luo Chen! Baby Xu, how about you go and hit on Luo Chen?]

[Ahhh! That’s right, that’s right! Go hit on Luo Chen, I beg you!]

Gong Xu’s face turned darker when he saw the bullet screen. He harrumphed. “No! Who’d want to go hit on that coffin face?!”

[Baby Xu is being prideful again!]

[Be good, Baby Xu! Go on, go on!]

His fans were all crazily flooding the bullet screen.

Currently, Luo Chen was holding his script and asking Ye Wanwan some questions. He had already gotten used to Ye Wanwan’s explanation style, so he frequently went to Ye Wanwan for help.

When Gong Xu saw that Luo Chen was plastered to Ye Wanwan again, he instantly exploded and rapidly darted over. Dong Zai quickly followed with the phone.

When the fans watching the livestream saw Gong Xu running toward Luo Chen, they all excitedly flooded the comments and crazily tipped him with gifts.

Gong Xu irritably glared at Luo Chen when he arrived. “Move!”

Luo Chen frowned. “Do you need something?”

“Of course I need something!” After saying that, he forcibly pushed Luo Chen to the side and shot toward Ye Wanwan with a bright grin. “Brother, Brother, can I hit on you?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at him, speechless. “You can’t.”

Tragic sadness instantly overrode Gong Xu’s face. “Why???”

“I already have a partner. Thanks.”

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