Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1078 - You deceived even me

Chapter 1078: You deceived even me

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Ye Hongwei's expectations were obvious. He had plans to allow Ye Mufan to return to the company, but the prerequisite was that he had to show some achievements.

Although Ye Hongwei's attitude toward him kept softening, this was his first time making him this type of promise out loud.

Today's matter might look like mere family conflict, but it was the fuse that triggered Ye Hongwei to make this decision.

Ye Mufan came to a jolt. "Grandpa, I understand! I'll show you my capabilities for sure!"

After Ye Mufan finished conversing with Ye Hongwei, he left the Ye residence.

Ye Shaoting and Liang Meixuan went to get the car while Ye Wanwan waited for him at the entrance.

As soon as Ye Mufan saw Ye Wanwan, he indignantly shouted, "D*mn! Liang Meixuan, that b*tch! She actually stole your ring then framed you for it! Isn't she too shameless?! Simply too shameful! Thank goodness your name was carved inside the ring. Otherwise, you would be wronged to death! Wanwan, don't feel sad! News of this incident will spread to every corner of our circle tomorrow! See how she'll live inside the circle now!"

Ye Wanwan nonchalantly glanced at Ye Mufan from the corners of her eyes. "Who said she stole my ring?"

Ye Mufan was startled. "Huh? Didn't you say she…"

"She didn't steal it. I framed her," Ye Wanwan answered.

"Eh… what… what did you say? You framed her?" Ye Mufan was dumbfounded and dazedly asked, "Then… then what's up with the name inside the ring?"

Ye Wanwan raised her eyebrows. "I engraved it with my fingernail!"

Ye Mufan's face darkened. "Don't joke with me!"

Ye Wanwan smiled but didn't leave him hanging anymore and said, "The ring that went missing really was Ye Yiyi's engagement ring, but the ring with the engraved name is mine."

As Ye Wanwan said that, she reached for Ye Mufan's suit and a jade ring appeared on her palm in the next second.

"This is…?" Ye Mufan's eyes widened.

Ye Wanwan turned the ring to show the inside to Ye Mufan. There wasn't anything carved inside of it.

"This ring with nothing engraved is Ye Yiyi's. When Huang Mingkun put it inside my bag, I took it out and moved it to you. As for the ring inside my bag, it's a ring with my name engraved that I prepared ahead of time."

"D*mn!" Ye Mufan was stupefied. "There's this kind of operation too? So you were framing Liang Meixuan all along?"

Ye Wanwan nodded. "Yup!"

Ye Mufan: "Your acting skills deceived even me, alright?!"

Ye Wanwan raised her brows. "Is it hard to deceive you?"

Ye Mufan: "…"

Ye Mufan choked. "How did you know to prepare this beforehand?"

Ye Wanwan thought about it and offhandedly said, "I have my methods, so I got some news ahead of time."

In truth, this was the same trick that Ye Yiyi and Liang Meixuan used in her previous life…

However, Si Yehan didn't allow her to attend the engagement banquet back then, so their victim was Ye Mufan instead of her.

It was later that she heard Ye Mufan stole Ye Yiyi's engagement ring during her engagement banquet and refused to admit it after being discovered and broke into a fight.

Ye Mufan's reputation was bad from the beginning, so he was akin to a street rat after this event…

After her rebirth, many things changed due to the butterfly effect, so she couldn't accurately predict many things.

However, she made preparations ahead of time for security. Thankfully it came in handy.

No matter how fate evolved, a person's nature wouldn't change. Ye Yiyi and her mother really wouldn't rest. They merely changed the victim to the seemingly weaker Ye Wanwan.

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