Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1077 - I’m obviously the one who’s being taught

Chapter 1077: I’m obviously the one who’s being taught

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All the unpleasant things the guests said about Ye Wanwan were now sent back to Liang Meixuan in all their glory.

Father Gu and Mother Gu also didn’t look too good. Having such a scandal happening to their in-laws during the engagement banquet was a blow to their reputation.

They weren’t optimistic about Ye Shao’an to begin with, since his abilities were much inferior to Ye Shaoting. If Ye Yiyi wasn’t his only daughter, they wouldn’t have agreed to this marriage.

Based on Ye Shaoting’s current situation, the Ye family’s future was uncertain!

Who would’ve expected such a drastic transformation to occur to the incompetent spendthrift, Ye Mufan…

Ye Yiyi was pale as she watched her perfectly good engagement banquet devolving to the current situation. She could already imagine the rumors that would plague their circle after this banquet ended.

What was worse was that Grandpa and Grandma…

They originally wanted to utilize this chance to make the eldest branch lose favor with Grandpa and Grandma, but it backfired on them again!

D*mn it! Everything was organized perfectly, so where did it go wrong…?

As the matter stood, Ye Shao’an had no choice but to forcibly repress his fury.

He was about to lead his emotional wife away when Ye Wanwan suddenly said, “Second Aunt, my ring.”

Grandfather angrily chided, “Return it to Wanwan already!”

Before Liang Meixuan could speak, Ye Yiyi hastily stopped her mother with a look. She took the ring from her mother and handed it to Ye Wanwan. “Wanwan, I’m truly sorry. I didn’t expect this. There must be a misunderstanding somewhere in here. I’ll apologize to you after the banquet ends.”

It was evidently her engagement ring but Ye Yiyi had to personally return it to Ye Wanwan. Ye Yiyi nearly couldn’t maintain her facade.

When she took the ring from her mother, she imperceptibly examined the ring again and ascertained that it was indeed her ring. How did Ye Wanwan’s name appear out of nowhere though…

“Everyone, I’m truly sorry. We’ve embarrassed ourselves with some trivial family matters in front of everyone.”

Meanwhile, Ye Hongwei and Tan Yi Lan hurried to smooth things over. After all, the engagement banquet had to continue still. After the banquet ended, they still had to expend a huge effort to pacify the guests and the Gu family.

As soon as they thought about this, their faces turned darker.

After the banquet ended, Ye Hongwei called Ye Mufan to his study.

Ye Hongwei sighed and looked at his grandson. “Mufan, Wanwan has been wronged by this matter. You must console her well when you go home. I’ll definitely severely punish your aunt!”

Ye Mufan: “Thank you, Grandfather!”

“Do you know why Grandfather called you here?” Ye Hongwei asked.

Ye Mufan shook his head to show his incomprehension.

Ye Hongwei looked satisfied as he said, “People say hardships cause people to grow up, and they were right. You’ve finally grown up and become sensible. Grandfather is very pleased. Moreover, you’ve also taught Wanwan well. That girl is more and more well-mannered.”

When Ye Mufan heard this, he subconsciously rubbed his nose, feeling a little guilty inside!

Ah, I’m obviously the one who’s being taught, alright…

If it weren’t for Wanwan using extreme methods to awaken him, he still be trudging through life like a fool!

“Grandpa, I was too disgraceful before and disappointed you and Grandma. I’ll work harder,” Ye Mufan promised.

Ye Hongwei nodded and said after a moment of silence, “You know your reputation in the Ye Group from the past. If you want to come back, you must present something to convince the masses, do you understand?”

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